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New Balance WX09v1 SKU:8865012

New Balance WX09v1 SKU:8865012

Hey there, it’s Sunshine here at WX09v1, and it’s from a New Balance What we have right here is a wonderful cycling shoe made with perforated textile uppers and mesh which gives it some natural breathability Along with featuring it, these hook-and-loop closures to give you really easy on and off access along with a […]

How To Prevent Back Pain When Cycling | Injury Prevention For Triathletes

– We all get aches and pains when we’re training and we’re racing, that’s normal and there are good pains such as that burning you get in your lungs or your muscles working hard when you’re at maximum effort. But then at the other end of the spectrum, there are pains that are just going […]

8 Alternative Cycling Training Methods That We Don’t Recommend You Try At Home

– Over the years cyclists have come up with all sorts of crazy ideas in the pursuit of performance enhancement and variety of training and some of those ideas were a bit crazier than others. – Yeah coming up, our all time favorites no matter how considered the process were together. Before we get into […]

Leg Length Discrepancy On The Bike | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Hello and welcome to Ask GCN Anything. – Well, we say anything but actually, we’ve got lots of questions and answers about training today, cause that’s what you guys sent in as questions. – Yeah and also, some tech ones as well, let’s put those on the table as well, Emma. We need to […]

Cycling Training Sessions For Bad Weather | Make This Winter Count

– Bad weather, short days, long, dark nights. That’s right, the winter really is the perfect time to make some great fitness gains for you to enjoy throughout the following year. – Yeah! Standby, you’ve got three months of no events, no distractions, and no reasons why you shouldn’t be focused on creating a better […]

Bodybuilder VS Cyclist TOTAL LEG DAY feat. Robert Foerstemann

Alright folks. You want to see some action, some heavy weights being lifted? Watch this cyclist do squats: 200kg, 10 reps. Come on, do it! That’s an easy warm-up weight for you! Let’s go up to 220kg. Now show me who’s the king of squats! You’ll do it with ease – come on! Push! You’re […]

Sweet Spot Intervals | Indoor Training On The Passo Giau

This is a bottom of the Passo Giau in the Dolomites And you are about to join me for a sweet spot training session with some really sure and very hard intervals thrown in the mix. Ahead of us we’ve got ten kilometers of sinuous mountain road an average gradient of nine percent, and if […]

Power Pyramids on the Passo Pordoi | Indoor Training With GCN

(upbeat rock music) – This is a Matt Stephens session called the Power Pyramid on the Passo Pordoi. I’m sure it involves another P as well, pain. Let’s get on with the warmup, and then I’ll explain all. Welcome to the Passo Pordoi Power Pyramid session on the go, epic climb, iconic climb, in fact, […]