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Gravel Bike Vs XC Mountain Bike: Which Does It All Best

Gravel Bike Vs XC Mountain Bike: Which Does It All Best

– Dan and I made a tongue-in-cheek video where we tried to answer two commonly asked questions. Firstly, what on earth is a gravel bike? And secondly, why might you want one? – You’re calling it tongue-in-cheek Si, but what I heard was more than bikes are boring. – Yes, well some of them are, […]

How to NOT STALL Motorcycle on a Hill

Having trouble going uphill from a stop on a motorcycle? When facing uphill at a stop, do you frequently stall, roll backward, or just feel like you’re holding up traffic? If so, then simply follow these steps and we’ll get you going up those hills in no time! To get started, all you’ll need is […]

Rest Day Wrap Up: 5 Things We’ve Learnt From The Giro So Far | The Cycling Racing News Show

(beeping) – Coming up today on the GCN Racing News Show, Demoulin abandons, Yates hemorrhages time, and is it going to be the Roglic show from start to finish? We look at the five things we’ve learned so far from the Giro. We’ve also got the men’s and women’s Tours of California, some very bad […]

The Weird World Of Hill Climb Racing

(upbeat pop music) (slow dramatic music) – The hill climb! The lung-busting eccentric genre of competitive bicycle racing. Largely un-talked about really, outside of this little circle that sticks with it. So I thought to myself, let’s tell the GCN viewers all about it. I want to know exactly what’s so appealing about it. After […]

Rocacorba: GCN’s Epic Cycling Climbs

(metallic whooshing) (rustic flamenco music) – I moved to Girona because I’ve heard it was a great place for riding but I could never imagine how incredible it was. It’s cyclists everywhere, the roads are amazing, the food is incredible, and the weather. Okay, I’m going to stop here because I think I’m getting you […]

The Best Lightweight & Custom Bikes From The British National Hill Climb Championships 2019

– I’m here at the British National Hill Climb Championships in Haytor which is in Devon right in the South West of England. And what I’m keen to find out exactly what bike tech is being used on this course, because it’s relatively steep, then it flattens off a little bit and then ramps up […]

TEAM USA 2018 ANNOUNCEMENT! – #cycling

what’s up guys cycling fanatics guess where I am now biggie guess that’s right back on the west coast Los Angeles California now you wouldn’t say it but it’s actually 30 minutes past midnight in Amsterdam woke up this morning 6 o’clock got ready for work flew from Amsterdam to Los Angeles boom back home […]