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Taiwan Cycling Trip: Taipei to Jiufen Historic Street & Shifen Waterfall (九份 + 十分大瀑布)

Taiwan Cycling Trip: Taipei to Jiufen Historic Street & Shifen Waterfall (九份 + 十分大瀑布)

good morning Taiwan – Two Wheel Cruise here! bright and early here in Taipei and we’ve got a big fun ride in store for
today today we’re gonna be riding to if I can paralysis correctly the Jonathan
old Street which is one of the more popular tourist destinations here in
Taipei it’s about a 100 kilometer roundtrip maybe a little bit more from where we are in downtown Taipei and we’re both
pretty tired because we had a late night last night going to be Schiele night
market with to Ann and her family anyway it’s a long day we’ve got a lot of
sights to show you guys so let’s get on the road and get started checking in
first checkpoint of the day we’re here at some intersection on the outskirts of
Taipei and we’re going along highway 106 pretty standard route here for cyclists
here in Taipei this is the main the convenience store stop we’ve got the
7-eleven and Family Mart right next to each other at the intersection the cool
gate over here we’re about to start the main climb going into the mountains
heading towards dolphin and there’s also a waterfall that we’re hoping to ride by
as well today but we think there’s gonna be some serious climbing tunes really
tired right now because I’ve been making her ride a ridiculous amount this last
week so it’s also really hot it’s about 34 degrees Celsius right now really
bright sunlight as you can see barely any clouds in the sky right now a nice
blue sky just stopped to take a quick restroom break here and the restroom is
here in the second floor of the convenience store another cool thing up
here they have a nice little dining area I didn’t know about this this is the
second or third time I’ve been here but the first time I’ve used the bathroom
and check the dining area you can see this has a nice overlook of the mountain
area of the road that we just came up really beautiful area here starting to
get deep in the mountains we’re also here with Quinn who we met the when do
we meet you days ago good it go yeah just saw you on the bike trail fan of
the Channel right here’s our first fan to
ever approach us while we’re out in out in the streets I guess and we saw him on
the cycling path the river path here while we did our cycling vlog around
Taipei and up to what Thomas Lee what’s the correct pronunciation country done
I’m completely off Thomas Lee dontre just the way spelled right yeah so
anyway he’ll be joining us today and we’ll be heading towards the gel-fit
what’s the correct pronunciations about five kill fun Jolin will be heading to
Joe fun today we’re about to enter the mountain so it’s going to be a fun hot
sweaty day of climbing and it is hot it’s hot looking forward to it let’s get
back on the road checkpoint number two making our way through the ridiculously
hot mountain pass absolutely sizzling out there we’re taking shelter in a nice
little temple area Chinese style temple tongues taking a quick nap she’s really
tired and another interesting thing you’ll see here is they have basketball
at the temples here didn’t my quick little break in the shade and then back
on the road we’ve made it to the sheaf and waterfall
and unfortunately we thought we could ride our bikes right up to it but you
got to walk a little bit about 500 meters not too bad so we’re gonna rest
our bikes here and Quinn’s gonna take a quick break here and just watch our
bikes for us since he’s already seen the park we’re gonna walk over this
suspension bridge brutally hot today here’s the bridge there’s some sway here here’s the view of the suspension bridge
from over here on the other side looks like we’re gonna go up some stairs got
another bridge to cross looks like there’s a train track over here as well
don’t think that one’s still in use but maybe who knows these cute little donkey
thinks not sure why maybe some historic reason a lot of these guys have the
their mouths taped shut not sure why if anyone knows why leave
it in the comments lots of kind of gift shops and
restaurants along the way sort of blocking your path to get there we’ve
arrived at the sheep through the waterfalls absolutely beautiful view
here all right we got a book it back long road still long mountain ahead to
jump in where we going next the climbing here pretty brutal just
plotted this route in Google Maps didn’t really account for the elevation but
this climb is really steep we’ve been climbing pretty insanely than this steep
hill for quite a while really hot direct sunlight brutal ouch nice views though
brutal climb a I think this might be one of chewings biggest climbing days in
mammalian or either they call you nobody bucket in arrival at the qatari
nobody at all tamashii – can i today we might be pushing to his breaking point
for enjoying cycling but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end once we get
over to the old historic street and get some food in our stomachs it’s about 1
o’clock right now so we’re kind of at the peak of the heat right now
unfortunately we’re gonna cool off a little bit right now get a quick break
in then back on the road and hopefully check back in at the historic street
we’ve passed a lot of roads that appear to be the crest this one looks more
promising than the rest a nice view of the mountains you can see we’re way
higher than all the other mountains I’m curious to see the elevation profile
later is this the crest is this the crest is this the crest it looks like a
downhill yay here we are we’ve arrived in de Fung
area we just passed by the train station which is where you normally arrive if
you come here from Taipei by train and then you got to grab one of these buses
from these bus stops and then it’ll take you up this road up into the mountains
which we’re heading towards right now and you’ll get to the old jump in
historical Street we’re not normal people though so we’re taking our bikes
better than the window of a bus seat better than the window of a train seat
beautiful River here lots of beautiful bridges today has been full of
blistering hot steep climbs we’re hopefully climbing up our last climb of
the day kind of got this sort of highway ish style road a bit busy as you can see
lots of taxis and lots of touring buses going by to travel to the historic spot
Chung has been an absolute champion today pushing through all these climbs
we’re gonna get her some delicious food once we get up to the top let’s take a
quick look up here so you can see the view to the side we’re getting a nice
view of the ocean beautiful view but really painful climb there’s actually a
pretty big temple over there in the side of the mountain there’s some hiking
trails over there here but we’re not going there today at least there’s a nice view this time just arrived at the normal bus stop so
if you take the bus up here this is where it’ll drop you off which means
we’re just about to enter the main section parking our bikes real quick
take a look at the view right here from the bus stop gorgeous view the mountains
in ocean we finally arrived at our destination we’re parking the bikes up
here actually right in front of the police station since they’ve got some
cameras so we figure our bikes will be a bit safer here than somewhere else
anyway we’re really hungry destroyed from the climb about 75 Kay’s for us in
the blistering sunlight the entire way mostly climbing pretty humid as well and
a hundred kilometres for Quincy rode out to meet up earlier this morning and he
hasn’t eaten any carbs yet today so I think he’s suffering a bit more than we
are anyway first up we’re gonna find some food right next to the police
station we’ve got some stairs here which will lead us up to where all the
restaurants are and all the fun stuff is I actually haven’t taken these stairs
before the last time I just walked up the main road on the stairs we found some nice fruit
ice cream or not ice cream from popsicles so we’re gonna get something
showing really likes this fruit the custard apple I guess is the name so
she’s gonna get that one what are you gonna do I’m gonna go pineapple my not
once pineapples are terrific all right well I’ll go pineapple – how about two –
pineapple and custard hmm we just came from this yes oh boy she
probably got the kawaii thank you continuing and try and find more food
loving these stairs here we are this is the famous part with
the view of the lanterns that really resembles the kayo Miyazaki film has
spewed it away probably the most popular spot here most popular photo spot all
right look when Ashoka oh wow and this is the view we’ll be dining next to not
a bad way yeah check out all these posters not a
bad reward after today’s hard work what have you what have you done e well this
is open – this isn’t even a window this is open yep nice night breeze all right
let’s order some food looks like they have quite a variety of things here yeah
a bit pricey but worth it really not not horrible all right let’s see what we get
so we decided to go with the set meal here some of our first few items have
arrived this is a chicken and what is this cabbage mixed with some shrimp
Richard okay and this is I believe for some rice we’re gonna start digging in
we got some nice boolong tea as well some nice chilled along – you keep that
I came up this is the mill fish be careful lots of bone no fish lots of
bumps there take that’s very very small thin bone so you gotta cut that work
yeah with a delicious and what about these we
find in Chinese but don’t care what we’ve got did it yeah is this like ear
or something is it intestine intestines okay chitlin John’s favorite
so this is going to be my first time ever trying these kinds of intestines
Chung says in Vietnam they eat these every day for breakfast at her family so
we’ll give it a try don’t so ugly when you say that that’s a shipment Jenny
yeah but they’re so nice like pepper come on these are so good mmm all right
if I didn’t know what I was eating I’d be perfectly content knowing what I’m
eating I’m a little bit weirded out but the face itself is really good just
finished our meal walking along the historic street right now you can see
the beautiful view that we just enjoyed while we were eating our meal and we’re
actually going to walk around a little bit before we eat dessert so try and
walk off some of the calories before we eat you can see the Sun starting to set
so that means we don’t have enough time to ride back home today we’re actually
going to take the train back so we have kind of about 75 80 KN right now so far
so the plan was to ride back today but unfortunately not enough time anyway
let’s keep walking along it lots of different things that you can find a
nice magnet collection I used to collect magnets until my collection just got too
big and troublesome to carry around with me might start up again though maybe
we’ll get a Taiwan magnet these are kind of cute the TT keychain about a buck 50
for those design design lights are starting to come on time for
us to go home before it gets too dark before we run out of sunlight to get to
the station here we are at Dave Frank station so
beautiful descent all the way right back to the station nice sunset right now
this is perfect timing so I didn’t realize we weren’t actually planning to
take the train back but it actually worked out really nicely because we got
to see the nice sunset view going down the mountains in the lantern starting to
be lit we’re gonna get on the trade and head back towards Taipei we’re not able
to get off at Taipei but we’re gonna go off at a separate station once we get
there I’ll update you guys since I’m not actually sure right now myself so it turns out that the next train that
was leaving the station wasn’t leaving for another three hours or so so we had
to ride our bikes down to the other station badou station and by the time we
got there it was dark but good news was we were able to bring our bikes right on
the train we didn’t have to deal with any bags or anything which is
unfortunately something that you have to do when cycling in Japan we had a nice
quick ride back to Taipei and once we got out of the station we were greeted
by another awesome night market so we got some other food with Quinn
unfortunately this is going to be our last cycling vlog here on this trip in
Taiwan we have an amazing trip and there’s still be a few other videos from
this trip before we leave but this is our last big ride to our last big video
anyway thanks for watching we hope you’ve enjoyed the video so far in this
series and hope you continue to watch for the rest of the videos that we have
coming forward if you haven’t already consider subscribing so you can continue
and watch the rest of the series or some of our new videos where we’re living and
cycling in Japan that’s gonna be it for today another big thank you to Quinn for
joining us on this ride if you don’t know Quinn we
just met him in one of our previous videos while we were cycling around
Taipei so a pretty crazy awesome encounter and Quinn’s a great guy we’ve
been hanging out with him a lot on this trip another big thank you to all of our
patrons who help support this channel if you’re interested in helping support
this channel so we can make more videos like this go check out our patreon page
anyway that’s it for real this time we’ll see you in the next video

41 thoughts on “Taiwan Cycling Trip: Taipei to Jiufen Historic Street & Shifen Waterfall (九份 + 十分大瀑布)

  1. Wow, what a great ride! The cycling in Taiwan is amazing and this was a great way to end our cycling trip here. Thuong almost died in the mountains, but now she's telling me in hindsight that this was her favorite day from the trip
    I learned a valuable lesson though, wife does not like climbing in the heat… 😅 😅 😅

  2. 6:23 translation: "Ah hellz naw!" 😉
    Cool adventure and Quinn is a legend for that much riding on no food!
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  3. Beautiful ride – and sufferfest of note it seems, but pleasure in pain sometimes, as most cyclists will attest. Given the choice I would rather take the heat than the rain, especially if there is a sunset involved.

    Guess you didn't get much choice in terms of cassettes on those rent bikes, with Thoung pedaling squares at times … you should tell her about the zig zag technique which I often deploy on my road bike when the gradients get mean.

  4. Wow, what an awesome trip that must have been! I'm adding Taiwan to my "must see" cycling destinations.
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    One question, does Thuong understand English? Quinn doesn't speak Japanese does he?

  5. I'm from Taiwan. Its just my little knowledge about the horses you mentioned. It's been said that there were floods that killed villagers there every now and then. People happened to build a temple for Phra Phorm(budda with 4 faces facing different directions) and after that the flood regressed and people have been in well-being ever since then. Now people would worship Phra Phrom and ask for happiness and goodness, so they usually tie the " Red Lucky Ribbons" on the trees. My assumption is that there is no more room for ribbons to be tied. Some people might just tie them on those animals like horses, elephants anyhow…

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    We stayed in Ruifang last year when we were in Taiwan to climb at the Long Dong cliffs. Definitely some cool markets and good food there, although my favorite food was a pizza stall run by Canadians 😂

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