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Testing the Dakar Bikes | Up Front With the KTM Rally Team Part 2

Testing the Dakar Bikes | Up Front With the KTM Rally Team Part 2

43 thoughts on “Testing the Dakar Bikes | Up Front With the KTM Rally Team Part 2

  1. Great video series, they are so important to keep people close to the event, nearly as to live it. Great KTM communication, bravo.

  2. Nice to see Rami Fänt on action! He was race mechanic for Jeffrey Herlings and now does suspension for those guys! Just an amazing man!

  3. I'm really wanting a dirt bike again, how big are the KTM's they're riding in the Dakar Rally, I'm guessing 490's??? If so, are the engines modified, I'm sure the suspension is tweaked a bit. I'm a big guy and I'll need a bike that has serious balls if you know what I mean.

  4. Yeah that's good mail, Toby was heard in the Surfers Paradise Beer-Garden saying he wants to use a Denso Fuel-pump & Four-X brake pads for the next Dakar.

  5. Cant believe these are the terrain they are on.. and the joy between the riders and the team.. I just fell in love with them. Just like that .. just seeing them just gives me goosebumps.. those bikes uff they are really something .. beast inbetween the legs. Thankyou for sharing.

  6. Energy drink sponsorships have to be the greatest thing to ever happen to action sports. They have done so much for so many sports from Dakar, skydiving, even bringing back American flat tracking to the mainstream. They sponsor all the things I love that used to never be on the internet or TV and it's amazing.

  7. Question: with all that riding in sand, do the chains get lubricated or does KTM run them dry, assuming the lubrication inside O-rings is sealed? How often are chains changed, on average, during the course of a Dakar? Thanks for your consideration.

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