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The Biggest Jumps at Whistler Bike Park | Crabapple Hits & A-line (2016) | Jordan Boostmaster

The Biggest Jumps at Whistler Bike Park | Crabapple Hits & A-line (2016) | Jordan Boostmaster

Ready to hit it Wesley? All right guys, so I only have two more videos to put up from last year. This one, and then I’ve got one other video about test riding a Devinci Wilson. at Whistler and after that we’re moving on to the new footage, I’m getting with my new gimbal. That’s right I got a gimbal now. I’m very excited to show you guys So Crabapple Hits is the biggest jump line at the Whistler Bike park It’s basically rated as a proline like a red triangle They’re really big jumps as you can see and they can be pretty intimidating I don’t ride them very often actually as of this point, I hadn’t ridden them in about two years. I skipped them in 2015 and then now at the end of 2016 season I thought you know I really want to do them again So I was riding behind wesley here to help gauge the speeds, and we finally went for it Sorry about the weird sounding audio there some piece of my Zoom H1 kind of broke in my pocket so it was kind of jiggling around I cased the second one. Wesley screwed up on the first run. So we’re doing it again Yeah, yeah Unfortunately following wesley didn’t work out too well, because he was going too slow, and then I ended up casing the jump But I was determined to ride them properly so we tried again That doesn’t look like a very good idea to me I was still catching up to Wesley every time that we were going I was always just kind of panic braking right before that big jump so I was always casing the jump. Which is really frustrating I was really catching up to you But I’m just glad I wasn’t this guy. A lot of people were casing jumps. They were really running slow for some reason I don’t entirely know why, I mean the trail was pretty hard packed and nice and damp but maybe they’re a little too wet but still And so I rented a Davinci Wilson I wanted to check that out and actually felt really good as I was riding the Devinci Wilson on lots of other trails I was realizing, I was actually feeling pretty Comfortable and pretty stable on on the jumps, and so I thought you know what I think I can do crabapple hits with this bike as well and I ended up doing them easier with the devinci Wilson then with my truax just because of how Much more stable the Devinci Wilson is because if its larger wheelbase And slacker head angle kind of thing. when you’re going through high speeds it just goes more stable Generally that bike wouldn’t be as good for jumping because of the fact that has the larger wheelbase and slacker head angle But it’s just because of that really high Speed to these jumps and the long big lips of these jumps that you know what like it doesn’t even matter anymore You just need like a stable bike to keep yourself stable at those high speeds visit after riding it nicely with the Davinci Wilson I thought you know what I have to go back to my tracks and ride it properly with my tracks again those by myself this Time you know I think I can do it It’s not the most comfortable going that fast on my little track So sometimes I would still do that a panic braking and brake check just will say when I should know whoo I Was really noticing how my bike was feeling kind of small most jobs come in with the shorter wheelbase I? Mean it’s great for jumping obviously But when you’re going that fast into jumps it actually can feel bit unstable and a little bit more scary on my bike you And I was pretty much satisfied Finally with last run and so then I felt good about those jumps felt like I’ve cleared them good enough And I was time to move on let’s I decide. I finally hit Cravaack will hit Yeah As I do and me and Wesley just had some fun riding whistler had a great time. This is an October So it was bike partners almost closing. It was a pretty good time to ride actually Conditions were actually pretty nice because they weren’t dry at all They’re nice and gas and we just had a great time to shred in a line read melt oh I Feel good, and I feel like I’m eating I’ll feel like I’m not doing a little better It felt like I’m like giving my dear game over with screen bigger whip Yeah We had a lot of fun writing the last portion of caine open with quit big jumps And they step down is always really fun way of finishing on And so we did pool filming with Wesley on Ninja Cougar just shredding the berms So I figured you know what let’s just just give you the ear candy. I figured so enjoy And so like I said my next video is just riding the Davinci Wilson at Whistler and my impressions after that We’re going to all my new fridge. Which now involves getting my gimbal which I’m really excited about I have got it I’ve done a few rides already with it. Hope you guys are excited about that as well so stay tuned

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