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The Funniest GCN Tech Bloopers Of 2019

The Funniest GCN Tech Bloopers Of 2019

– Rolling! – Ultimately (laughter) – Trying not to laugh (laughter) – As soon as you started,
trying not to laugh – Who’s introducing it? – And the winner of this weeks ah, swift. Sorry! (laughter) – And introducing it then, ha ha (laughter) (snorting) (laughter) – Okay – What Speedx was offering looked to good to be true. Literally, it was. (laughter) – Guess who’s back? Back again. No (Laughter) – It’s all about tech. – Cool – I think one more, just one more? – Oh, I think one more. – And I don’t know
anyone that can afford to negligent that sort of dis (beep) Ow – I want congratulations. – Yeah. – I’m very jealous. – Congratulations to all of
you and yeah, send us a photo. – Yeah. – Of your bib shorts. (laughter) (beep) – Hell… – Pit system. Now What was that? That was really loud! This is worrying, this is like planet of the apes. – No, no. (laughter) – We can not leave that in. – That’s because the average person can only process (beep) (beep) – Tune over. (slapping noises) – Slower. (slapping) – All right. – What would you rather fight? A horse sized duck No, no, no but a hundred duck-sized horses? – An electric bike stand,
a possible new helmet. – How? – One more.. (mumbles) (laughter) – Ducks!! (laughter) – Not five ducks, you
said you’d fly a hundred. – No, I can’t say things like that, can I? ( background laughter) (table slap) – You’re not recording, are you? – Yeah. – Oh, (beep) – Ducks and (beep) – Right. (stomach growls) – Welcome to the GCN tech show. – My stomach was rumbling. – Is that you’re belly rumbling? – Yeah. (stomach growling)
– We’ll wait for your belly to (stomach growling) – Should’ve brought some porridge for breakfast, Ollie. – Oh! – Should have had porridge for breakfast. – Would you say that fuel and training go hand in hand together? – No. (unintelligible) (unintelligible) – Upgrades, buy upgrades. – We need like a noise, a like cha-ching. – Yeah, well you submit it. – Welcome back to another riveting GCN tech clinic. With me. (laughter) (cartoon music playing) (cowbell drops) (lid slam) – Oh god. – Researchers at the University of Perdue in collaboration with researchers at Texas University, well
the University of Texas and oh (beep) me. – I always have to do a big
swallow before every take. – Widely adopted and the
world wasn’t convinced as its (stammering). (mouth made horn sounds) (laughter) – (sigh) All right, (laughter) – So funny how you went, all right. (beep) – All right. – I’m sorry mate. – Okay. – Yeah. – We good. (laughter) – This is all well and good, Ollie but do we need gadgets and tech to help us get fitter and lose weight? Well. (upbeat music) – You’re thinking about it. – I am thinking about it,
I might deliver the line. (Yawn) – Sorry, I’m yawning. – That’s fine. – Now, what do they have to do, James to get their bike in the bike vault? – They put it in the uploader. – No. – They put it in the (stuttering) one more time. – Okay. – In popularity recently, I think fair to say and uh, the
carbon (spitting noises) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Right now, we’ve got
something of a heat wave in the UK. – Yeah we have, I’m even
wearing shorts today. – Yeah, cover them up later. Uh, right okay so but it’s a strange time (beep) sorry (laughter) (beep) I was thrown by that. (laughter) – Slap him! – Slap him! (Laughter) – Slap him! – Slap (laughter) (mumbling) Black arrows and blue diamonds (unintelligible) times. – Oh you know your stuff!
– I do, yeah. – Yeah – And, well actually you see built around the, uh sort of (beep) – Oh I can’t read. – Just us two? – I love the bell. – I love the bell too. (laughter) (beep) – We’ve got one in from Lynskey, Helix. – No. That’s the bike. (laughter) – Where’s the name? – Milton, from Long Island. – Oh, oh sorry! (laughter) – Should we go again with that one? – Yeah. – Or just keep rolling? – No, no let’s do it, let’s go again. – Okay! – Cut, I’m going to swears and
then you’ll have to cut it. (laughter) (making a whooshing noise) I’ve got like an engine. – All right, when you’re ready. – All right. Ya ready? – National Laboratory, laboratory. I think it’s, I think
laboratory’s English, I think laboratory – You might be (unintelligible) – Laboratory – Laboratory. – Yeah. – (German accent) We’ve got
Victor from Deutschland. Now Victor founds Old
World bike by helping a friend move into his new house. – The previous owner must have been (laughter)
– Abandoned it in his garage. – I was, I was thinking to myself, you’re going to do the
whole thing like this. – Standard road bike, a
ballpark pigure, pigure. Pigure – Oh very interesting. – Yeah, you’re right and
for the last nineteen answers. (laughter) – We’re like a rock brand, brand? We’ll do it again. – Amazing new tech. Does that even work? – Yeah! I was just, I was acting. – Oh right. I thought I’d got
something else wrong again. – Yeah, I was acting, yeah.
Thought I’d said Eurosport. – Man after my own heart, in November bought
themselves a good chain. – That looks bad, so yeah, you can kind of sit like that. (laughing) – That’s really good. – All right. – Now I’m really self conscious. – Correct. – Is it? – Don’t know. (laughing) – I don’t know. – I had you there, didn’t
I? I had you there! (kiss) (laughter)

25 thoughts on “The Funniest GCN Tech Bloopers Of 2019

  1. 3:20 you can tell he was sleeping under the table by looking at his extra spicy hair xD

    also the GCN App is finally available in Norddeutschland 😀 AWESOME!

  2. Blooper reels are always my favorite!
    But the teams at GCN always persevere, and give us the polished content we expect. Well, the production team at GCN does, anyway😆😆😆
    Top job by everyone, and seriously, hearfelt thank you to everyone for making the videos for one of my favorite channels. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, from Raleigh, NC!

  3. When I see these clips all I can think is why I never see a woman presenter. It's the Ole' Sasauge Party at GCN all the new hosts brought on in the last few years are male 30 something ex-racers. Why? Is it really that hard to find a badass cycle momma? I don't think so.

  4. Heyy GCN! How about 5 minutes of Ollie's International voice impressions? Extremely funny and they are spot on as you Brits would say. 🇺🇸🤣🍻

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