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The Greatest Thing to Happen to the Whistler Bike Park – D1 ‘Pro Line’ | Jordan Boostmaster

D1 My New favorite trail at the Whistler bike Park I Believe This is the Greatest Thing that a trail Crew has done in quite some time This trail has actually existed in Whistler for a number of years but in a different form It has always been rated as a Pro line But now It exists in a whole new form. The trail crew has put a lot of work into the re-creation of this trail. The trail finally opened on the last Saturday of Crankworx and just by word of mouth the trail got packed with a bunch of riders seeking the fresh dirt That was huge D1 opened at such a nice time While all the other trails were so dry and blown out because of the lack of rain all summer, plus all the Crankworx traffic didn’t help things D1 quickly became the most sought-after trail on the whole mountain. A lot of riders just hung out on the trail the whole evening and just session-ed the whole thing repeatedly. I took my camera out and I was filming with Wesley and Alex and I decided Just to film everyone because why not I chose not to ride this trail for now just because of the condition of my wrist and since this was a more advanced trail I thought I’ll hold off for a little bit but I do intend on riding it before the season is over

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