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The Marcy Club Trainer XJ-3220 Excercise Bike

The Marcy Club Trainer XJ-3220 Excercise Bike

The Marcy XJ-3220 Club Cycle Trainer is the
next upgrade to your home fitness center. The Club Trainer cycle helps your burn more
calories from fat. Increase your stamina and helps you lose unwanted
weight. Target and firm your legs, glutes, and hamstrings
while sculpting your entire physique. Increase muscle tendon and ligament strength,
bone density and metabolic rate, while improving your cardiovascular endurance.
Features include a large balanced flywheel, for smooth operation and continuous pedaling
motion. An easy to reach manual resistance knob, that
simulates different terrains for a variety of cardio workouts.
It has a fully adjustable handlebar, seat post, and seat, to accommodate just about
any body type or riding style. Adjustable cage pedals fit and securely hold
any shoe size. The Club Trainer Cycle can accommodate any
size user up to 300 pounds. A built in brake that safety brings the flywheel
to a complete stop. When you’re done with your workout the Club
Trainer Cycle easily rolls out of the way for convenient storage, and it comes with
Marcy’s 2 year limited warranty.

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