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The Ultimate Cyclist’s Breakfast | Emma’s Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

(light happy music) – A stack of pancakes might sound like a bit of a guilty treat, but this recipe for lemon blueberry high protein pancakes, is actually remarkably healthy. It’s also based on
oats, as part of the GCN Oat Cuisine Nutrition series, is super easy and super tasty. (light happy music) For this recipe you
will need a frying pan, obviously to make pancakes, and some kind of blender
to blend your pancake mix, because we’re making it out of oats, and they need to be blended
into essentially oat flour. Ingredients-wise, it cannot be simpler. You will need a lemon, some oats, two eggs, 300 milliliters of lowfat milk, some salt and some baking powder. And then to top it off,
to make it look good and taste even better, you
will need some blueberries, some runny honey and some
lowfat or fat free Greek yogurt. First step is to put a
little bit of lemon peel into your recipe, so take a grater, take your lemon, apply lemon to grater. You don’t need very much, depending on how much you like lemon. In the recipe I’ve put
a quarter to a third of a lemon zest, but you can vary that depending on how much you like lemon. If you don’t know, then I
would err on side of caution, because it is really hard
to take the lemon peel out of the mixture after you’ve made it, so maybe go with just a
tiny bit of lemon peel to start with, if you want a
bit more, next time use more. Next ingredient is lemon juice. So you can use half of
the lemon you just zested, and add roughly one to two
tablespoons of lemon juice, which is probably about
half a lemon’s worth, depending on the size of the lemon. Next up, 150 grams of our oats, because this after all, oats cuisine. Two free range eggs. 300 milliliters of lowfat milk. Half a teaspoon of salt, and
if you’re on a low salt diet, you can skip this obviously. And finally, three
teaspoons of baking powder. Right for this you want baking powder, not bicarbonate soda, it’s
important, the difference. The next step is to
blend the pancake mixture until it’s smooth. Now if you don’t have a hand held blender or a mixer like this, then you could just use oat flour to start with. Alright, and it goes… (blender whirring) Very loud, isn’t it. Great, once your batter
is nice and smooth, we are ready to fry. Before you start frying your pancakes, it is a good idea to set up your kitchen, so that you are ready
to stack the pancakes as they come off the hop. Now I know not everyone
has a beautiful kitchen like this to work in, but
make sure you’ve got space to do your pancake stacking
alongside your pancake frying, otherwise it’s just gonna be a big mess. Now you obviously do not
want your pancakes to stick, so you’ll need to use some kind of lubricant in the frying pan. I would suggest not bike grease, but instead a one calorie cooking spray, because then you know you’re not wasting valuable calories on oil. So you wanna get your frying
pan up a high temperature, not too high obviously, give
your pancake batter a stir, and pour about an eighth
of it into the pan. If you go a little bit over,
it’s not the end of the world. Don’t expect these pancakes to
spread out into thin crepes. These are kinda chunky pancakes, because of the baking powder. You wanna do the first side
for two to three minutes, depending on your stove
top and your frying pan, and all the other factors, until it’s sort of
beginning to go golden brown and firm enough to turn over. Then when you’ve turned it over, which is a tricky bit. The first pancake is always
a bit of an experiment. This one suffered a slight breakage, but I think it’s gonna be okay, if we put it on the bottom of the stack, nobody will see. (gentle music) We’re gonna stack up the
pancakes on two plates, so while each pancake is cooking, we’re going to just add a
dollop of lowfat Greek yogurt, to the previous pancake,
spread it around a bit, and sprinkle on a few blueberries. This is why the bottom
pancake being a bit broken doesn’t matter ’cause
no one’s gonna see it. There. I feel like I’m beginning to
get the hang of that stove top. Eh. (jazzy music) Oh baby. As you get towards the top of the stack, be a little more careful. Now, if you used about two
tablespoons of pancake batter for every pancake you should end up with four to five in each stack. The last few get a little bit precarious, so just be careful when
you’re stacking ’em up. But that’s part of the fun, right? Then you can use the rest of the yogurt and the rest of the blueberries, both on top and around the side. To top off each pancake stack, I recommend two
tablespoons of runny honey, which’ll add a little bit of sweetness, because at the moment
the only sugar in this is the natural sugar in the blueberries. Alright, let’s give it a try, eh? This is definitely oat cuisine, I’m feeling it’s gonna be a terrible mess. Mm, Mm-mm, mmm. That’s delicious, mm. You can actually vary this recipe in loads of different ways, like you could use raspberries, excuse me, instead of blueberries. You could use orange
peel instead of lemon, or any fresh fruit would do, really. Ah it’s really good. Now, if you thought this was tasty, feel free to give it a thumbs up. And you might like to check out some of the other nutrition videos in this series of oat cuisine. For example, if frying is
too much hassle for you, check out this no cook recipe for banoffee pie overnight oats.

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