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Top 10 Cycling Insults

– [Matt] As we know, cycling has its own
rich lexicon. Words with etymologies built over decades. This expansive vocabulary
extends to a wealth of insults too, some of which we have listed here. And
they’re just about fit for family viewing. You need to harden up
mate. Glass cranker! – [Si] Amateur! – Top ten cycling insults. Half wheeler. Some may actually see
this as a badge of honor, rather than an insult. But I think most of us would
rather not have this as a label, as it singles you out as the type of rider
who no one wants to sit on the front with. And I think we all know a few. Often
accompanied by an expletive as a suffix, prefix, or both. ♪ [music] ♪ Sit on sprinter. Think
it’s a turn in, Si? – Nope. – We’re not talking about the pro seater
here with the riders who are paid to get an on chair ride to the finish, before
opening up in the last 200 meters. More the type of rider who won’t give
a single turn in a local road race, chain gang, or even on a club
ride, skulking around at the back, before lighting it up to win a town sign,
and celebrating like they’ve won the Worlds. – In your face, Stevens! – Amateur doesn’t sound too
bad of an insult in the face of it, but this one, especially to the purists,
really does cut to the core if you’re on the receiving end, as it implies that your
skills and abilities as a rider ar far from being pro. – Amateur. – Yet, you don’t need to be a pro
to call someone else an amateur. Because actual amateurs, more often than
not, call fellow amateurs amateurs too. – Whoa! Amateur! – What? – Sandbagger is in the front, aimed at
those riders who seemingly aren’t partial to putting their nose in the wind. And
who will avoid a turn on the front, at all costs. To this end, they’ll employ
a variety of underhand tactics to keep their slot at the back of the group,
much to the annoyance of all around them. – [inaudible 00:02:09] …had a
really bad down mile somehow. – Weekend warriors. – Hey there, Si. I’m looking
forward to this nice, steady ride. – Is a moniker for riders whose main aim
appears to be hitting the road hard at the weekend, but not actually in a race or
sportive, as the WWs tend to take these very seriously indeed. – Si, Wait! Si, what are you doing?
It’s supposed to be a steady ride! – Poser, this one doesn’t need much of an
explanation, as I think we can all point to at least one person we know who
fits this particular description. Si… – What? – What are you doing? – Sorry, mate. Sorry. Just… – You know the one. Immaculate pro kit.
Bling bike under the UCI weight limit. Box-fresh cycling shoes, balled up legs,
dark shades, whatever the weather, and always, always checking their hair. – Sorry mate. Just for Instagram. Just
thought I’d capture the moment. – I’m pumping up my tire. It’s personal. – I know, but it looks epic. – You need to harden up. This
disparagement is usually reserved for those who tend to moan, complain,
or offer up paltry excuses for their inability to ride or cope with
any modest level of arduosity. – No. No, I don’t think it’s safe.
There’s a 5% chance of rain, and that’s 5% more than I’m
willing to risk. I’m not doing it. I’m going to phone my
wife. I need to get a lift. – I’ll tell you what. You need to
harden up mate. You really, really do. I can’t believe this. – Do you mind if I borrow your
gilet to keep warm whilst I wait? I don’t want to get cold. – I’ve had enough. – Thanks, Matt. – Unbelievable. Wheelsucker, no one
wants to be called a wheelsucker, do they? We even made a video about how to get rid
of one. In French they have a wonderful word for wheelsucker. Raton!
[Foreign language] raton! Not a literal translation at all, it
actually means “young rat.” – What did you do that for? I was
just trying to get some shelter. Honestly. Just thought
I’d get home quicker. – Glass cranker, a name given to a
rider who rides through to the front in a breakaway, whilst pedaling so softly, when
at the front, they could actually be using cranks made of glass. Such is the
withering emptiness of their effort. – What are you doing? – I’m done! – Look at the little ring! – But you look really strong! – Yeah, but look at you! We’re
going downhill, and you’re on 39/17. – Go on, do a turn. – I’m not doing a turn, I’ve just done a
turn, you glass cranker! Cheesehead. – Cheesehead. – [Announcer] Five, four,
three, two, one, zero. – I was called a cheesehead once for
attacking just as the flag dropped in the Tour de l’Avenir, by a Belgian rider
who also threw a bread roll at me. For more top tens click up here, and for our
“How to” videos, just click down here. And to subscribe to GCN, click
on that flying cheese roll. ♪ [music] ♪ – Amateur, even though that was
quite a nice passing maneuver. – Yeah, that was
actually quite good.

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