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Top 3 Motorcycle Mods under $20 (Including Cruise Control)

Top 3 Motorcycle Mods under $20 (Including Cruise Control)

Alright so the first mod I’m going to show
you is actually this little guy. It’s a throttle lock that can clamp on your
throttle and hold it any speed you want. Just take it and it sticks on your throttle
just like that. I can open up the throttle, be going at a
certain speed, and just take my finger and press this down and it will hold me at that
speed that I was at before. Works great. And then if I ever need to come to an emergency
stop I can just push the gas forward and it still rotates underneath the clip. And I can still use the brake as well. The second mod that costs less than 20 bucks
is this guy right here. It’s an external fuel tank that holds enough
gas to get me 20 miles if I ever run out. It’s great for those long rides when you’re
not sure when the next gas station is going to pop up. If you want to see how I installed the extra
fuel tank on my motorcycle, go ahead and click right here and there will be a little video
to show you all the parts and all the tools and stuff that you’ll need to put that onto
your own bike. Alright and the last thing I’m going to
show you is this rotor lock. So you can take it and it’s got this little
pin in there that you can either stick through one of the little holes in your rotor, or
you know, the gap so that the tire won’t spin. And this is really handy if you don’t have
a lock on your bike already, like a handle bar lock. Lock that bad boy up. And I have that to remind me that the bike
is locked so I don’t take off while it’s still on there. Alright if you can think of any other modifications
that you can do to your motorcycle for under 20 bucks leave them in the comments below
and I’ll make sure to include them in my next video. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to “like” if this video
helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. I put up videos about every week. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments below as well. Thanks for watching!

26 thoughts on “Top 3 Motorcycle Mods under $20 (Including Cruise Control)

  1. I've got a video coming soon… if I ever get around to it. Painted my bike white and my helmet black. But now I wear my pink helmet (it's lighter and more comfortable… so I don't care about the color that much. Plus, people notice you a LOT quicker since you're already invisible on a bike)

  2. Great vid! A cheap hack I use is a strong magnet on the bottom of the lower frame crossmember. It activates the sensors on traffic lights. Very handy.

  3. thanks so much.  i didn't understand how the throttle lock worked until i watched your video. just placed my order. thanks again.

  4. a thought on the rotor lock; hooligans breaking it and your rotor and just walking away because they don't want you to have something

  5. Nice video, I didn't see how this worked, Amazon's description was not very good. I saw your link on the amazon review and now it makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking your time to help people!

  6. if i like to have a modification for my bike that can hold 2 10 or 20 litres of gas what gascans do you suggest and what modifications do you suggest aswell?

  7. I would love to do an external gas tank like that to mine but with my luck, in the event of a fire, bystanders would mistake the red tank for a fire extinguisher haha. cool vid👍

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