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TransHongKong Urban MTB Adventure w Hans Rey & Martin Maes – 4K

TransHongKong Urban MTB Adventure w Hans Rey & Martin Maes – 4K

Chinese voices I’m Hans Rey a professional mountain
biker a former world champion a pioneer of freeride and founder of the charity
Wheels 4 Life. My urban mountain bike adventure series combines riding in some
of the biggest cities in the world that are surrounded by beautiful nature and
trails it’s all about the contrast between nature and harmony chaos and
urban jungles. After Trans Angeles and Trans Napoli, Trans Hong Kong was the
perfect adventure to tackle next come join me and explore with me hong kong
over the next five days all right today’s day one of the Trans
Hong Kong urban adventure I’m here in the New Territories in the north of Hong
Kong with Tiger So he is a local rider and he’s gonna join me today on the
first day and the rest of the week I’ll be joined by some other local riders and
by the one-and-only Martin Maes. I am happy ride with you today when I was
young I’ve seen your video ‘monkey see monkey do’, oh yeah it was super fun and
then I ride a trial bike and mountain bike. that how you got started watching my old
videos, nice. the New Territories have lots of
purpose-built mountain bike trails nice forests and beautiful nature to escape
the overcrowded city this district is situated north of Kowloon and close to
the Chinese border gentrification is everywhere when you consider that Hong
Kong isn’t that big and yet over seven million people live here when it comes
to housing the only way to expand is up north the New Territories see many new
towns and developments pop up thankfully a lot of green space was left alone
which we are enjoying today. Not a bad start to our Trans Hong Kong. Very
beautiful purpose-built mountain bike trails is this like one of the best trails here?
that’s true many many best trails here. Yeah next we
gonna ride Tin Man, is that a good trail yeah very good – yeah yeah all right there’s Hong Kong we made it
thanks so much man that was awesome. Riding Hong Kong
tomorrow? yeah we will urban jungle today I was joined by Martin Maes one of
the fastest enduro and downhill mountain bike racers in the world
we will traverse the street the neighborhood of Kowloon an exhausting and treacherous
near-vertical hike along a narrow spine to reach the point especially with a
bike on your back along the way we met plenty of really friendly chatty locals
tourists and expats alike all dumb founded to witness us on bikes this is one of the highest points in
Kowloon with unparalleled stunning breathtaking views of the city below
from here you can get a little perspective of the diversity of Hong
Kong from the quite lush islands to the chaos of downtown Kowloon to the dingy
rundown tenement buildings on top of each other in the New Territories to the
mirrored monolithic skyscrapers possibly the number one spot for selfie obsessed
people to pose it was amazing how many Millennials stood on the edge taking
pictures of themselves and each other over and over again clearly a serious
pastime for the instagram generation we descended into Kowloon riding trails
bombing our way through the streets dodging the crowds of people all the way
to the waterfront. Discovering good local food is always part of my trips as we
cycled through a mini mall we found a bakery tucked away the shelves bursting
with delicious looking things this made Martin smile he can sure eat the northern end was more like the
traditional Kowloon narrow streets clogged with markets, neon signs advertising
things we could not understand. We dodged the crowds and the traffic
taking in the strange scents and sounds The noise is intense and never ceases we visited an apartment building built
as a perfect hollow square which created an inner quad the floors rose up high
making the space dark and unattractive we were puzzled by the multiple groups
of women with children cluster together seated on the hard concrete floor
turns out they were domestic helpers from the apartments above taking their
break the apartments are tiny and would often house three generations for
multiple families there would be no communal space in those homes not even
enough room for every family member to sleep at the same time now Kowloon gives central a run for its
money the old airport has been moved away to the new location the harbour and
the seafront has been transformed with glitzy buildings rising tall and bright
mirroring the reflections of the super yacht bobbing on the water it’s probably the most impressive city I
ever see in my life here the money is moving in banks
insurance companies elegant shops and swanky hotels the jewel in the crown has
to be the ritz-carlton at the International Convention Center this is
the tallest building in Hong Kong a city with 7,000 sky skimming buildings and
the highest amount of skyscrapers in the world. Very very busy Hong Kong after dinner we went outside and the scene
was rather surreal as we strolled home we were met with broken glass evidence
of smashed shop fronts and the relentless cacophony of sirens
shattering the night the protest really ramped up while we were there
demonstrations popped up randomly all over the place something like a scene
from a Ridley Scott movie but this was no film this was real and a little scary
we may be here at a time that sees Hong Kong change forever man there are some big mountains in Lantau
isn’t there. yeah and some nice views, but let’s check out the trails. All right let’s do
this located to the southwest of Hong Kong
Island it is now home to the new Hong Kong International Airport Lantau is
also known as the home of Disneyland and the local trail builders have
practically created a Disneyland for mountain bikers today’s ride was to
explore these purpose-built trails and test the goods well we have spank new pump track here. Good to see you again. This is HM this is
Martin. HM is the main guy in to build trails in Asia
he’s from Singapore but he built all the Hong Kong Trails he works for Dirt Traction and he works for IMBA and cool man. So glad to have you here. Yes, what do you got here all
this looks amazing uh it’s a new bike park a rural training
ground area that we’re doing it’s a good eight kilometers of trails here, pump
tracks and youth area, some progressive lines and progressive cross country trail
for the new generation riders. Yeah we rode a couple of trails and then we seen
that amazing pub track in the middle of nowhere and it’s great to see you know
to see pump tracks here in Hong Kong and you know they’re getting very very popular and
you see them pretty much everywhere now so yeah it was awesome many advocacy groups have worked in the
areas around Hong Kong including Lantau to build more and more mountain biking
trails this area has incredible nature and views the trails are world-class and
it was definitely one of the best rides we got to do this week at the end of the Chi Ma Wan trail we
got to wash off the dust in the South China Sea during breakfast on day four we saw on
TV that the protests were escalating especially in Central Hong Kong
where we were set to ride today we’ll have to be very careful and avoid the
hot spots we are about to meet Nick Dover a local
guide to show us the way around Hong Kong Island we are taking the train to our
meeting point but even though it was rush hour the metro seemed rather
deserted not a good sign – morning Hey Hey how you’re doing? Good to see you
so you’re ready to go to Hong Kong, ready to do it. Let’s go on the famous star ferry across the bay
nick explains to us that there’s a special app that helps monitoring
protests and police activities so we could stay out of trouble the moment we’re on Hong Kong Island, you can
see a lot of activity here oh really right now yeah so let’s try and avoid
that and hopefully find a nice easy route up to the peak, it should be good Martin try one of these What is it? try one wow it’s nice religion and health pay a big part in
Chinese culture tai chi is seen practiced all over the place in parks on
the promenade and green space and of course ancient Chinese medicine is
legendary for its effectiveness the streets and Hills are dotted with
temples some tiny not much more than an image or statue and incense sticks
others are huge and demonstrate their face in vivid color and traditions this
might have something to do with why the residents of Hong Kong live long the
average age for women is 87 and men 82 and despite the fact that the city is so
polluted maybe their spirituality mixed in with the exercise does the trick for
longevity Victoria Peak is the highest hill on Hong
Kong Island that has breathtaking views over the spectacular skyline and it’s
busy streets below we navigate our way from the peaks who parks staircases and
remote alleys all the way to a neighborhood known as Soho in Central
Hong Kong so what’s going on here okay so we’ve
just come into the thick of it we just got into a central business district
it seems along Des Voeux Road West there’s some Raptor force a lot of possibly tear
gas there’s debris on the road so protestors have been through here heavy
police everybody police present so we’re gonna try and avoid that section of town
I think it’s not very wise to go there and get mixed up because it’s been
getting quite serious they are shooting rubber bullets tear gas they have a SWAT
team in there there is all kinds of rubbish and litter
on the streets people are running very quickly there I think we need to get out
of here right now Lets go up the bridge here, no wait don’t go there, police is already there. yeah let’s not go there just a couple of blocks away life seems
completely normal people dine shop and exercise like any other day we finish
our day watching the beautiful Symphony of Lights show on the skyscrapers and
indulgence of typical local food we are at Lamma Island we are just waiting
for one of the locals to arrive to show us around
you must be Andy yeah thanks for coming out. You live here full-time
yeah I work from home – let go and ride – okay Lamma island is the absolute opposite of
Hong Kong quite laid-back a bit of a hippie vibe
lots of expats there are no cars on the island only bikes people either ride or
walk to get around it was strange to see people disembarking the ferry at the end
of the day in their city clothes and hopping on their bikes to head home to
their island life you can see why this island is so appealing a 20 minute ferry
ride and you can leave the chaos noise and pollution of the mainland behind
kickback in the peace and quiet. Lamma was one of the original mountain bike
hotspots in the Hong Kong area since then there are many more riding areas we
got to sample some of these hand-built trails Alright Andy, thank you that was good Martin –
another Trans Hong Kong in the book – in the book we finished Trans Hong Kong with a beer and
watched the Sun melt into the South China Sea the perfect ending to an
unforgettable urban adventure looks like Starbucks has beefed up its
security, protests oh you gotta new sponsor Carmen

33 thoughts on “TransHongKong Urban MTB Adventure w Hans Rey & Martin Maes – 4K

  1. hi Hans…. stay safe and don't get infected..

    have you had the opportunity to take your bike over to Lantau Island, the hills there defeated me when i was there 5 years ago but I imagine you are alot fitter than me.

  2. I remember I was think when I where hiking Lantau some years ago. This must be the perfect place to build some trails

  3. I used to live in discovery bay, on Lantau island. That is where I first started to Mountainbike, just riding with some friend on a 3 by 9, shit hardtail with 600 mm wide bars. I do miss that place and I get a lot of nostalgia coming over me from this video, from the food, mountains, and ever certain street lights I can clearly remember. It is really great to see what happens to this place and can鈥檛 wait to go there again once these protests stop and this virus dies down, that is if he is going to be the same ever again. But I loved the Vedior and it brought up a lot of great times, so thanks a lot.

  4. If could ride with Hans before I die my life would be complete…..I cancelled my trip this August to livigno because of Coronavirus.

  5. Amazing video once again Mr. Rey
    Even if i'm a millenial i'd much rather ride those trails than taking stupid selfies or other social media stuff.

  6. Awesome video! Thanks for coming here during the most heart breaking but also the most beautiful moment of Hong Kong. Wish this place will become much better during your next visit. BTW did you miss the best DH trail on Tai Mo Shan on day 1?

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