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Triathlon News Aug 6, 2019: Lance Armstrong Makes Millions off Cycling

Triathlon News Aug 6, 2019: Lance Armstrong Makes Millions off Cycling

– What’s up, Trainiacs? Welcome to this week’s
Triathlon Newsday Tuesday where in this week’s
edition of Tri Newsday, one of our favorite bike companies does some big money hustlin’. Another company in the endurance world is like the opposite
of big money hustlin’. There are no money lazying. And, we gotta get those views up so we are talkin’ about Lance Armstrong making millions again off of cycling. Comments section is gonna be wild today. (upbeat techno music) What’s up, Triathletes? Welcome to Triathlon Newsday Tuesday where every single Tuesday, as long as I’m not traveling and there
is news to talk about, we talk about what’s going on all around the triathlon world. Full links to everything we talk about are in the description below. And as always, make sure
you stick around to the end. Everyone’s favorite part of
Triathlon Newsday happens. That is a story from
the Trainiac community. It’s actually from a
Trainiac here in Winnipeg. Let’s get into it with Ventum, our favorite bike spon… Actually I’m gonna go with this angle here and allow you to feast your eyes on a couple of the Ventums. Our favorite bike sponsor, Ventum, announcing that they have gone through a successful
round of series A funding. Now this is typically the
first round of financing that companies will raise a bunch of money from investors so they
can proceed with growth from investors so they
can proceed with growth and that is just what Ventum is doing. They haven’t announced how
large the series A financing was but what they did announce is that they’re going to be consolidating a lot of their operations in Utah where they will be hiring 32 new employees over the next year. They are targeting producing 40,000 bikes They are targeting producing 40,000 bikes and upwards of $50 million in revenue. Now, they will also be assembling
all of their bikes in Utah and they will be bringing in manufacturing that’s currently outsourced
all around the world into Utah. So, good things. We really like Ventum. In addition to them making a pretty damn fast tri bike, a damn sexy road bike, they’re just nice people. That’s the biggest thing
that I like about them. Red Frog, the company
that owns and operates, owned and operated Warrior Dash races all
around North America has announced that all
of their upcoming races, canceled, gone, kaput. That the company is going out of business. Now this comes after rumors that Red Frog has been trying to find a buyer for the Warrior Dash series of races unsuccessfully over the past year and fortunately, the good thing is that people who are entered into Warrior Dash races right
now will be able to use that entry to a
Spartan Race in the future. Now, this is just more indication that the endurance community even though we feel like it’s
growing when we’re in it, it’s not all sunshine
and rainbows out there. It’s a hard business to be in and frankly, there’s a lot of competition around the endurance sports world, so. Spartan’s killing it. Ironman growing, kind of killing it. But it’s very challenging to make a living in the endurance industry. Somebody who is making a very good living from what we can tell in the endurance industry is Lance Armstrong. This is really interesting. We all know Lance’s story. Multiple time winner
of the Tour de France. Having to then come out on Oprah. Having doped and kind of being, you know, known as one of the biggest jerks in cycling, if not sport, has essentially been
bounced out of cycling for a number of years but he is back with his company, Wedu. And why Wedu? Well, who does that? Who gets up in the morning and goes for a six hour bike ride? Well, Wedu. One of the things that Wedu does is every singles year for the past couple of years of Tour de France, they do a daily podcast summarizing the race that happened that day. The stage of that day. And this podcast is growing. It’s exploded. During the Tour de France, it was regularly ranked
as one of the highest ranked shows in Apple
Podcast and reportedly, Lance Armstrong is making
millions off of this now. So it’s kinda interesting being somebody who has had to try to make a living coming in the side door of an industry seeing Lance Armstrong himself be successful at coming in the side door of an industry that kicked
him out the back door. Now let’s get into some race results. It was more or less pretty quiet last week as far as racing went. In Super League Canada in Ottawa, Ryan Bailie won both
days on the men’s side while on the women’s
side, Charlotte McShane and Nicole Van Der Kaay
split the two separate days on the women’s side of that pro race. Corrinne Abraham won
the women’s only field at Ironman Tallinn in
Estonia in a time of 8:55:22. at Ironman Tallinn in
Estonia in a time of 8:55:22. And the big race, the more notable one that was happening over the
weekend was Half Ironman Boulder where there was a really
strong pro men’s field that was won by Chris Lieferman and the women’s race
was won by Skye Moench who ended up just besting out couple of our Ventum pals. Leslie Smith and Meredith Kessler. So, good day for Ventum. Good day for everyone in Boulder. It is hard racing out
there at the altitude. Now, in the Triathlon Taren podcast. Just last week, we ended
up publishing a round two. A second podcast interview where Dan Plews and I went over the training and the nutrition that I did leading into Challenge Roth. It’s actually one of the first times that Dan and I have really sat down and talked about why he did the training the way that he did because
we talked a little bit throughout leading up to Challenge Roth. But I didn’t pepper him with questions about why do the leg strength
bike day is on a Monday. Why do such long endurance hill running? All of these thing that went to it. Why was I able to have a
breakout performance on the run? Was that because of the run training or the bike training or
the nutrition training? I didn’t actually know
the answers to things but we now know them because
they are all in that podcast. Go check it out. And this coming week, we will be publishing
a very requested topic. Rudy von Berg, very successful pro triathlete was on the podcast. He grew up 45 minutes
from the Half Ironman Nice World Championships race course. And he goes through his
story and progression And he goes through his
story and progression to becoming one of the best
triathletes in the world but he also goes step by step through the swim, the bike, the run for Half Ironman World this year in 2019. Course strategy. Bike strategy. Do you use a tri bike or road bike? All these things. It’s a good one. Now let’s get into the
Trainiac story of the day which is from a local Winnipeger
whose name I recognize but I don’t know if I’ve
actually ever met him in person. It goes like so: Hi Taren, my name is Jeff Galloway. I’m from your hometown in Winnepeg. Winterpeg. I love hearing those stories of how triathlon has turned lives around. My story isn’t like that. Mine is very simple but maybe, others can relate to it or
benefit from hearing it. When I was 16, I joined the
high school track team in Polvo. And before long, the coach threw me in when our team was short milers to do the four by one mile relay. To my surprise, I ran a
532 and it was at this point that the running bug had hit. I started running and I loved how training hard made me feel and I loved the challenge it gave me. I was not a naturally gifted
runner but I still loved it. And before I graduated high school, I notched just over three
hours in my first marathon and two years later, I
entered a triathlon relay then buying my first $220 bike then buying my first $220 bike to compete in my first triathlon. This was 1986. To my surprise, I happened to do very well and before long, I was immersed
in the triathlon lifestyle. I love the fit lifestyle. Love the training. I love the racing. And best of all, I love
the internal reward that I got from being a
triathlete and endurance athlete. 33 years later and I have never stopped. I still continued to train and race. Included are pictures from the 1990 Ironman World Championship
in Kona as a 26-year-old. And more recently, the 2015 ITU Age Group World Championships in
Chicago as a 52-year-old. Over the decades, triathlon
racing has faded in and out but fitness has never left my side as being a part of me since 1980. So as I enter my 34th year
of being a triathlete, I’m so grateful that I can still swim, bike, run, and compete. The years and decades past very quickly but it all feels just the same. Diving into the pool. Getting up early in the morning to ride. Training during lunch breaks. Or squeezing in a work out
around family schedules. This sport has something for everyone even as we age well beyond
our physical prime years. I’ve always been so amazed at the seniors in our sport who continue to
train, race, and crush it. Someday, I hope that I can be in the ranks toeing the swim start
still with nervous energy and trepidation before the gun goes off. That is something that
never changes for me. Thank you for reading my story, Jeff. Thanks for sending that in, Jeff. This is what I’ve been
saying for ages that triathlon is a sport that you
can do for your entire life and regardless of how
intensely you’re training or how fit you are or how old you are, it can still be a very rewarding part of your life like
it has been for Jeff. Thanks for sending that in, Jeff. And if any of you wanna
get your story shared here on Triathlon Newsday Tuesday, please email me at
[email protected] Include some race photos and we love ’em. It helps inspire people
all around the world so please share those stories. And if you aren’t already subscribed and you like these
Triathlon Newsday Tuesdays, hit the subscribe button below.

41 thoughts on “Triathlon News Aug 6, 2019: Lance Armstrong Makes Millions off Cycling

  1. Ventum looks like a mighty fine Tri bike. Would love to get one some day when my sponsors can afford it. My sponsors are Me, myself, and I. 😁

  2. That would make the second currently operating bicycle manufacturer in Utah. What most people don't realize is that we have some of the most world-class cycling here in Utah! I live at the base of Mt. Nebo, one of the most scenic rides.

  3. Lance is hosting a podcast and commenting on a sport that he is very knowledgeable about, not unlike what Taren does in every video he uploads. Good for him for finding another way to make a living and support his family.

  4. Hey Taren, brush up on your triathlon history. While you Canadiens were still dog sledding and and ice fishing, Lance was a very competitive triathlete racing with the legends of the sport.. In fact he can probably still handily beat you at any distance.

  5. Stop acting like Lance is the first athlete to dope. Biggest jerk in sports? Obviously you don’t follow the NFL

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  7. Taren, keep up the good work. Winner of the Boulder Women’s race is pronounced like Launch but with an M…. she’s first class. You should absolutely interview her!

  8. 63 yo nearly 64 yo "triathlete" who is less than 6 months into triathlon, 3rd race this Nov here in Australia. Found your youtube channel and enjoy the diversity of the lab testing on lab rat, Taren. Re Lance Armstrong he is a Champion that is flawed but all Champions are. His era was knife edge, results oriented racing….and as the Champion he took brunt of the doping pain for his fellow "athletes'. He doesn't walk on water, but the shadow of doping has been highlighted in cycling.

  9. Hi taren.hope you answer my question.i heard from your previous videos that during your early years in triathlon,you used heart rate in your triathlon races.i was wondering what heart rate or zone you maintain in bike and run.thank you more power and blessings

  10. Wasnt just the altitude at IMBoulder70.3, it was the heat too. It was 98F (36.7°C) by the time I finished my run.

  11. I think Lance adds a new aspect to cycling commentary. He’s very out spoken and will always say what he thinks and that makes great listening. He likes a rant and that brings up discussion and often leads to insights of what it’s like in a pro cycling team. So what if he makes a few $$, I like the different angle they take, but the quality is still way below the Eurosport team and the Sir Bradley Wiggins podcast 😉

  12. at least Lance Armstrong is saying who sponsors his show and isn't announcing "the bike brend we love"…."a and yes they are our supporters"….this channel delivers less and less content…

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  14. You should talk about how USAT is down and suffering in memberships and the affect this is having on triathlon. Lance has been doing his podcast for awhile now, no news now. He does a great job interviewing his guests.

  15. Great Trainiac story. I feel much the same way about Triathlon. I hope I can continue to compete and enjoy the sport for a long time like he has. Having that much fun and competition in the sport for that length of time is inspiring. 👍

  16. I always enjoy your videos as does my wife. Super important question for you though. Where did you get your bike hangers/storage boxes? I can't seem to find them anywhere!
    Keep up the positive videos. They always make me smile.

  17. Congratulations to Skye Moench at half Ironman Boulder. Just saw her race and win the Burley Idaho Lions Club Spudman triathlon (Olympic Distance) here in my home town at the end of July. We appreciated her support of our race and it was awesome to watch her do what she does (even if my view was a lot of minutes behind her :-). Could be if you come race the spudman you will win your next Ironman…

  18. Like your race updates, but how can you miss the xtri series??? Canadaman was 5 weeks ago arguably the toughest event in the country and now missing the Norsemen, I think you are leaving a very important piece of the tri world out, which by the way is way more interesting and way less commercial than ironman, aka the wal-mart of endurance races and yes I do race IM but it is what it is. But thanks for your great work

  19. Love that story about Jeff Galloway – he's a legend in these parts (Atlanta where he now resides) – fierce competitor and great ambassador for the sport!

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