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Trying LEADVILLE 100MTB for the first time, SINGLESPEED feat Sam Scipio

Trying LEADVILLE 100MTB for the first time, SINGLESPEED feat Sam Scipio

If you never see again just know that I love you mom! I love you! (off-camera: “Stop”) [giggling] What are we doing? Where we going? Going to pick up our packets. Late. that’s it that one Kym: How’s your heart feeling? It’s beating faster than usual Kym: So Sam fit and her entire hard tail Into this Trash messenger bag. How did you do that? This little space this stuff nuts [sound of rain] Been in Leadville under one hour Sam going on a test ride in the HAIL. we’ve been here for probably one hour and it went from 75 and sunny to raining to big ol’ hail balls of Hail. how’s the hail feel? oh boy Oh we have to meet Shannon! Shannon’s the man SHANNON: how was the ride? This is Shannon the mechanic. Shannon knows absolutely everything about this race, he’s done it so many times He’s run training camps and he does mechanic shipping and boxing for everybody. He’s a godsend He’s incredible. If you need anything, if you’re gonna do Leadville, you need to talk to Shannon so whattya think? should I move to Leadville? it’s so pretty Made it to Leadville and we’re racing the Leadville100 Mountain bike race. This is gonna be my second ever mtb race. How about you? It’s gonna be my, maybe 3rd or 4th I see you’re experienced at this.
SAM: that is not experience Have you ever ridden 100miles? SAM: Oh, yeah!
KYM:see, that’s what I’m saying She’s ready! SAM: but 100 miles on a mountain bike at altitude is a very different beast All right, so we’re riding very different bikes I’m riding we’re both riding Liv bikes and They make great Mountain bikes for women. I’m riding full suspension with the Eagle. Yeah Hey, I’m riding a hardtail single speed. So just one gear. Hold up you riding with one gear one gear You know how much we have to climb right? Yeah Are you crazy? Yeah By the way side note. She also did the Tour Divide- Since thats a big deal, What’s your ratio? 32 17 that’s a … bigger ratio it’s a little bit heavy for this race, but see how it goes i geared for the flats. instead of the climbs. there’s no flats. So I’ll be doing the climbs on a heavy gear I’ve seen a lot of people walking these climbs though So it doesn’t matter what your ratio is if you’re gonna be hoofin it that’s true. We’ll see Yeah, you’ve already ridden 100 miles for like what seven times? For like seven more than seven times More than the 7 times?
SAM:Yeah! what do you do- ride hundred miles on your mountain bike all the time?? regularly I Have not ridden a 100miles on a mountain bike ever, so I don’t know I’m nervous about like weather it seems to change like every 15 minutes here. I’m worried about Puking at altitude. What are your biggest concerns? altitude for sure and the ability to breathe and Just being able to stay on top of this gear the whole race. I’m pretty nervous about that. Wish us luck and Get ready to watch what unfolds Did I build it up the suspense enough? muhahahaha. I think it’s built. it’s it’s 4:30 in the morning. We just woke up and It feels like 3am We’re the last one Okay Sam, where are we? At the start. We’re standing at the startline! It’s… SAM: it’s a singlespeed! 6:15am Sam’s getting all the funny looks. everyone’s like “where are her gears?” I’m not nervous anymore. It’s just like nothing more to do we’re shifting. we’re moving. Things are happening [singing Drake] “Sam, Do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave” “from beside me cuz I want ya and I need ya and I’m down for you always!” [singing Drake] “Kymmy do you love me” “are you riding?” Put this away we got a race for real though [cheering] let’s do this I’m commit! I won’t quit! we’ll see you all right back here at the finish line! LEADVILLE STRONG!!! Yeah Just starting out. We’re only 20 minutes in it’s super beautiful. I am going at a Very chill pace right now when we first hit the dirt, I was like, “oh no funnel” I gotta catch-up spots and so I went on the outside and was like moving up and then I realized I’m working too hard too early And now all those spots I moved up- Everyone passed me already. But look at this view. It’s so pretty! So nice Met Holly from Memphis. She’s been my companion sharing stories of when we were younger and stupider Holly: Or maybe not… Sam’s pretty far ahead of me now. I think she’s killing it tryin to keep a good pace on her single-speed I feel physically in my legs Like I could be doing a lot faster but Breath wise I don’t know. just trying to take it easy cuz remember my number one goal DON’T BARF So Almost to 30 miles, just passed through the Pipeline checkpoint headed to Columbine. which supposed to be a bitch? There’s a lot of people cheering sending us on breathing has been Probably the hardest part of the whole race And I don’t even know if I can really call to race cuz I don’t feel like I’m gonna race pace woo hoo! This is the highest one, I think Going up to 12,000 feet here 12500ft I naively thought I was gonna Ride this whole thing till I hit that 18% and I was like hell no who that is? You feel great don’t ya? like amazing? SAM: my legs really hurt. I’m real dizzy I think I found that dark place they were talking about It hursts to cough SAM:this is a really hard race. SAM: did everybody know that? this race is really hard! I can move in right here move into that cabin. It’s a great place to live my new home. Welcome to my new house.
I’m never leaving. Alright, we made it to the top of Columbine we were told don’t spend much time here, but um, they’ve really tasty snacks and it’s pretty And really nice people. I don’t even know what I’m drinking but It was delicious All right, you’re doing great! you’re doing a great job! Sam, I’m gonna take off! See you down at the bottom. Seven hours in the saddle I’m pretty sure my lips are sunburned. Everything’s sunburned. I stopped to pee haven’t seen Sam Not sure where Sam is. We are at…
not even 70 miles yet This looks like a great place to just take a nap by the way an eight-year-old said she liked my helmet SAM: oh it’s a bike race! yeah, where you take you bike for a walk. Like it’s a pet I’m on the last major climb. there’s dirt all over my face. it’s alright. it’s alright. gonna make it . eventually… Hell yeah How’s the race going, Sam? it’s going better better! Yeah? you were in the dark place for a minute weren’t you? oh yeah. One of the best things I heard about this type of racing is however you’re feeling in that moment doesn’t last. so I just had to think about when I would feel better We may not be able to film much more of this race so there probably will be a few more dark Moments in this race. We are at Mile 73 batteries are probably all gonna be dead in like… 3 more minutes So we’re gonna wrap this up Ok this is Sam. I’m at the finish line but not because I finished I’m here because I got pulled from the race I was at the last descent They said they didn’t want to have to come back to get me so… they pulled me which is … fine. Announcer: “coming in now we got Kym NONSTOP” kym: what happened?? Sam: they pulled me Kym: what?? How do you feel? um, probably how I look! You look fantastic! Beautiful! powerful! good job girl. Did you finish??? Sam: they pulled me. What??? I’m sorry I thought we could finish no matter what Sam: I mean, I would have but it wasn’t up to me. I know you would’ve. You wouldn’t have quit. Wow that was hard. While I was riding I never considered
giving up or stopping Some people said I was gonna get
emotional at the finish line, But I didn’t. I think I was just too tired But certain points during the race. I was getting a little emotional. Most of the time during the race I just felt super happy. because it was so beautiful and even
though I was in pain there was like People all around me that were just you know Giving it their all and it takes a lot of grit
and a lot of heart to You know not be ‘crushing it’ and yet
still be determined to finish… something that hard. any time I got into a slightly
dark place or complained in my mind I like immediately flipped it and was like, I’m so lucky it to be here in this place in this time right now and I felt this sense of pride that I always like Pushing myself through something. I wasn’t sure if I could do but I wasn’t gonna give up and knowing that like all the emotional and career and life questions All that stuff is way tougher than 100-mile bike race honestly. I mean my legs feel cooked but it’s not as hard as like figuring out how to Pay the rent or buy house or make a relationship work Real talk. and if you’re ever thinking about doing the Leadville 100, I highly recommend it! it was beautiful pretty proud of that Maybe I’ll try again and do it a little faster. We’ll see Kym: Tell me what happened at the end of the race. SAM: I didn’t get to the end of the race I really wish Sam had been able to finish Talk about grit and heart and nobody has more grit and heart than that woman SAM:Because they pulled me at mile 90 She is Phenomenal so I’m a little bummed SAM: at the top of what Carter climb Yeah, they let you climb Carter and then they told you they’re gonna collect you SAM: yup they told me they were gonna collect me bc they didn’t think Iwould finish She freaking tackled it Tackled the Leadville 100 on a single speed for her first time. KYM: you only had 13 miles left. SAM: I know KYM:And I know you and I know you would have finished. SAM:I know I would have finished too I just wish I would have had the chance to but that is okay KYM:All right. Do you will come back for this race? SAM: I think I will. Yeah, because I know I can finish it And it was freaking amazing, wasn’t it? It was beautiful I mean, I know you didn’t get to finish but those 90 miles right ?? They were Primo 90 miles. Oh, yeah Thanks for being here Back in LA and just built up my mountain bike Thanks to Kevin who got his first mountain bike pretty sweet and we’re gonna go riding in California now That Leadville race was so hard, but it was so fun so I looked at the finishing results and I came in 100 out of a 142 women and there were about 2000 men so 2000 male competitors and 142 Female competitors. That means we need more women out there next year. ladies get your mountain bikes and let’s go riding. I’m here. I’m in LA Anytime gimme a call. LIKE this video SUBSCRIBE to my channel I’m gonna go mountain biking with Kevin and I think I’m gonna shave. Can I shave my hair real quick, b4 we go? I need ventilation. Bye You’d be proud of me. I pooped twice. I’m really proud!. did you say puked? or pooped? For time

86 thoughts on “Trying LEADVILLE 100MTB for the first time, SINGLESPEED feat Sam Scipio

  1. That looked like such a fun race. I love long distance mountain biking and I love climbs. You killed it and so did your friend, I've tackled long distance single speed mtb rides before but on a much easier gear.

  2. You're incredible! Way to kill it. I'm still a roadie but I'm fixin to do some cyclocross this year. I'm here in PDX and am lining up my next bike so I can get in that gravel grinding. Goals are to build up my skills and work on MTB skill in our MTB park (Gateway Green) so I can do cool stuff like Leadville before my hair is all grey.

  3. Why is there always one asshole who gives a thumbs down?

    Great job Kym. Finished and achieved your no chuck goal.

    Tyme for a new goal?

  4. Great video, transparent and classy 👍🏽🏔 enjoy the altitude 😱😩☠️ the sing along was awesome by the way…….😃

  5. Awesome video! I feel you on the speed. I probably would have thrown a compact crank on a mountian bike and made it move Lol. It sucks that your friend wasn't allowed to finish, really only 10 miles left. SMH.

  6. Kudos to both of you! There is nothing easy about LV100. especially on a SS, y’all killed it out there. 2019?!?!?

  7. Rock on, way to bring it! Thanks for sharing the adventure, as always… beautiful event and scenery indeed.

  8. I owe you an apology for sure. Watching your videos leading up to this event, I didn't think you had a chance in hell. Not out of meanness but because The Leadville 100 is a Beast. The odds were against you and you prevailed. No Puke AND No Pull. Epic!! And to answer your question, you need to move to Leadville. What an accomplishment, what an adventure, and I am beyond proud of you. Well Done


  9. Bit shitty to get pulled when you are almost at the end, I know that I'd be well fucked off if it had happened to me!

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  13. Really great, relationships are easy. Just don't try too hard. Buying a house.. that's a problem but no time to think about such things if you get lucky enough to have kids. I snuck a couple in at the last minute. Worth thinking about if it's still on the cards, they keep you mentally grounded.

  14. You two are awesome so inspirational I soooo want to do this now both of you made it look like such an adventure worth taking Sam is a warrior who would have finished had they let her for sure!!! Thanks for sharing. Let the training begin for next year. Ladies it’s on!!!!!! 🚴🏽‍♀️

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  17. Wow! Well done Kym for doing this. You are an inspiration to all us girls. You have even inspired me to get back on my bike after quite a few years of not riding. Well didnt get far before falling off and now on crutches haha. Will be back in the saddle again once leg all healed.

  18. Congrats to you. I completed Leadville in 2015. Super hard and beautiful at the same time. I like doing these hard races as a 2X cancer survivor who wants to show myself and others my motto: "You Can Rest When You're Dead"

  19. I simply adore your honesty and the open way in which you approach your vlogging. You always put yourself out there. Great content as always… Keep killing it Kym.

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  23. I am from Syria, held in Istanbul, my country migrated because of the war and my hobby bikes and I have a bicycle, but I want to meet can you! I hope you will answer me

  24. Kym — great video. Don't get why they pulled Sam. Usually a rider makes it back onto powerline and they are free to finish. Thanks for listening to our Podcast during your preparation. Hope you and Sam will do the race again. You are right, that race and all races need more women and girls lining it up.

  25. HELP ME KYM!! I’m entering the lottery to do Leady next summer!! I live in Colorado and we are snowed in already!! Do you have any tips for the best things to do for training when it’s too cold and snowy to ride outside? Kinda jealous of your kick ass athlete lifestyle in sunny LA 🤪😊 LOVE your videos!!! So inspiring 🌈⚡️🚴🏼‍♀️

  26. That’s looked like a great time!! She’s a beast!! On a single speed!! I hope you do it again with each other, this was an epic ride! I’m hoping to do this next year.

  27. Just stumbled across this video. Really nice job on the effort and video. So surprised to see some people of color involved here. Brought back memories when I did this back in 2006. Super impressed with Sam!

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