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UNICYCLING: Meet Nigerian youngsters cycling their way out of the hood | Legit TV

When you hear about cycling in Nigeria, the
first thing that comes to your mind is a bicycle. And let’s face it, cycling is not exactly
a very popular sport or a mode of transportation in the country. My name is Seun Adetunji. Today, I catch up with some children and their
coach, who are making money, entertaining people and gradually cycling their way out
of the hood. Not with bicycles but with unicycles. My name is Kuyoro Olalekan, also known as
GKB – God Knows Best. Founder of GKB Unicycle academy. Here in Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria. I used to be a skater and there was a particular
day I went to my customer at Ladipo Market to get a pair of roller skates. He showed me a unicycle and said “Guy, this
is also for sale”. “Take a look at this”. I said, ” what is this?” “I can’t buy this because it looks impossible
to ride”. A few days after, I went back there to pay
him some cash to get the unicycle. it took me some months because, I had no
coach, I had no idea what it looked like. It was so difficult for me to ride. I think it took about two months for me to
be able to move forward and backwards. Two years after I started unicycling, I made
my first cash which was about N10,000. Actually, that was what inspired me to continue
doing it. I belived that if I could do more stunts and
do more performances be better than what I did then, I could earn more. when I started, I faced
a lot of discouragement from people. some said that I should quit. I should get a job and do something with my
hands There was a particular man in my area. The man said to me that no one has ever made
money from unicycling. That it is just half a bicycle. He said I should do something with my bare
hands. I was just training and a particular boy was
washing plate. The boy was so focused on me. He was look at me and wondering how I was
riding the unicycle. I told him to come over. When he got to me, I said can you try. And I was so shocked that even the little
boy wanted do it. In the beginning it was difficult for me to
get the kids from their parents. They prefer the children to go and learn handwork/craft
work than riding unicycles because they had never seen it before and they had no idea
they can earn from it. But presently, with what we have done like
performances and newspaper appearances, a lot of parents are coming to me asking, ” how
can my kids join you? How can we be part of your team?” We have performed at Muson Centre, Eko Hotels
& Suites, Terra kulture, Lagos State Carnival, Kids Parties, Churches etc. My dream for GKB Unicycle Academy is to grow
bigger than this. Be professional riders. Compete internationally at UNICON which is
a unicycling competition that takes place every two years. I wish that GKB Unicycle will someday win
a gold medal. Olaf Schlote, is the President of the International
Unicycling Federation. I met him through facebook. He saw what we have been doing online and
he was so amazed. He sent us some Bikes. Modern bikes from Italy free of charge. We have not gotten any support locally and
we have written to Lagos state sports commission about the awareness of Uniclying sport here
in Lagos but we have not gotten any feedback. The children get paid after each performance
and I also try to buy them their school needs like school bags, sandals, books etc. We train everyday. two hours everyday. One of my plans for them is to move them away
from the schools they attend right now which I am not comfortable with to put them in better
private schools. My name is Adesanya Samsudee, I am 10 years
old and I am the youngest boy on the team. My parent like to see me riding this thing. I will like to be a professional Unicyclist. I have been cycling for the past two years. I like cycling because it is fun. Sometimes we don’t go to school because we
have a show. I have been riding for the past two years,
it has been difficult. When I wanted to start riding it, it was difficult
for me and I kept trying and my friend taught me. The second day, I tried to ride the two pedals
and the third day, I started riding it from one place to another I wish to be a profession rider so I can go
oout for international competitions. My parents get excited when they see me riding
the Unicycle I am the oldest on the team. I will like to become a professional unicyclist
and I will like to train people in future. I am the best Giraffe rider in GKB unicycle
academy. Yes, riding the Giraffe is very hard/tough. but I have been able to master the skills some tricks are very hard to try. sometimes, I try them and I get it right. Sometimes, my coach gets online videos and explains better
to us.

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