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Utrecht in lockdown

Utrecht in lockdown

The streets in Utrecht have never been
so empty on a Friday morning. Not in my lifetime at least. Although the lockdown in the Netherlands
was still voluntary that day… most people stayed indoors as
much as possible. Only those with essential jobs
kept on working… and going to their work. That was also very visible in
‘s-Hertogenbosch that morning. 7:30 is normally the busiest time of the day. Now the station platforms were deserted. And so were the trains, making
social distancing easy. Again in Utrecht these empty
corridors give access… to the world’s largest
bicycle parking garage. Where you could only
hear other people, but there were too few
to even see them. The busiest cycle way of the Netherlands
looked nothing like its normal self. Just a few people going to work,
possibly. By chance I had filmed this exact location
just a few weeks earlier, at around the same time. The contrast couldn’t be bigger! Not only the old city center turned
into a ghost town. There was also practically no one in
the newer areas around the station. Or in the station. Which made it very easy to stay
away from other people. But let’s hope this situation
doesn’t take too long.

16 thoughts on “Utrecht in lockdown

  1. Wow this is a big difference from the lively streets I’m used to seeing in your videos! It is good to see most people there are taking this seriously and waiting through the pandemic. The majority of people here in Utah are keeping distance, but there are still more people on our streets than in Utrecht that don’t take this seriously.

  2. Wow so quiet we were supposed to come to the Netherlands this spring, I’m so upset with all this awful virus.
    I was looking so forward to seeing family.
    We will wait till next year to come.
    I love your videos, it warms my heart to watch your videos.

  3. Brace for the world economic Great Depression brought on by this. Hoard as much food as you can, the shelves are going to dwindle. We're just at the beginning of this.

  4. wordt het geen tijd dat de terrassen weer opengaan?Corenoma is over 2-3 weken uitgedoofd en na deze absurde lockdown zullen we het economische slagveld overzien.
    Rutte zal tevreden zijn:hij nog een keer MP en dat door de angstkaart uit te spelen.

  5. This holds only until 16.30
    I go running every day, and at that time the areas just outside the city centre, along the channels, get quite busy. Way too much for the emergency we're living in.

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