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Visalia couple faces charges after assaulting with baseball bats

Visalia couple faces charges after assaulting with baseball bats

100 thoughts on “Visalia couple faces charges after assaulting with baseball bats

  1. Lol it could've been a lot worse for these thieves in much earlier times! Examples are cutting off the arm or fingers, death, mutilation, flogging, penal servitude or death by staking arent these guys a lucky bunch! But on a much more civilized level of punishment they'd be sentenced to reimburse the victim often four or five times the value of the stolen goods. Even though they were baited, the bike was up by the house, not on the sidewalk and it was happening daily at one point as the lady said. Theres always someone who will cry victim for this lot.

  2. According to officer Sanchez's description anyone hurt while committing a crime when a victim resists is now the victim… Kinda puts the damper on K9 units. Do you political puppets even listen to yourselves?

  3. Police: baits criminals
    News: "Police detained several criminals in a sting operation today"

    Public: baits criminals
    News: "Criminals detained after baiting and beating victim after the victim stole their bike"

  4. So you can legally protect your property, unless its in a bad neighborhood where you know they will get stuff stolen? And if the cops prosecute on behalf of the thieves, what court prescdence does this set for anyone protecting their property in the future? Their arrest is a lose/lose for the people. Yes, and what about BAIT cars? So the police are the only ones to legally do this?

  5. I don't see what the problem is here? If you don't want to get beaten with baseball bats… don't steal other peoples stuff. It's as easy as that. If you don't want to get shot by a homeowner… don't break into people homes. It's amazing how ass-backwards human beings have become. Very soon it will be extremely illegal to defend yourself at all.

  6. We need laws to control bats. Bat crime is out of control in California. We need common sense bat laws. Those poor "victims" were trying to get to the California legal marijuana store to get more medicine then ride over to the Social Security Office to pick up their disability checks. Then for fun ride over to Wal Mart and steal cause petty theft not a crime in California any more thanks to our man Gov. Newsom

  7. A police Sergeant is calling the criminals victims this is what's wrong with the world today that woman is a flipping idiot

  8. If you want to make the thief a victim, all you must do is protect your property. This is a flawless example of the greatest oxymoron of all: liberal logic.

  9. It's all cool when police do it and send your ass to jail for a few years but if you catch a beat down it's over line right?

  10. Very smart couple! If there wasn't a problem with thieves taken stuff, they wouldn't have to resort to stuff like this! I applaud them and think if the police did their job, citizens wouldn't have to!

  11. Really..? Don't take what's not your's and you wont get hurt…. Just like war, minus the USA they take what they want.

  12. The justice system is wack and creates incentive for criminals to keep on doing what they do. Criminals can do just about whatever they want and you can't do a thing to em. Call the cops and they don't want to deal with it either. They would rather be sitting out on the strip writing people up for tinted windows.

  13. 'We never bothered investigating any of the thefts in the neighborhood, but we'll certainly go after the people who defended their property. They make us look incompetent and lazy!'

    And this is exhibit 100 why many Americans don't like cops much.

  14. Imagine living in a region where criminals are let free and the victims are put in jail. What ever cop decided to arrest these innocent people because they defended their own property should be fired and hung by the neck.

  15. How is what they’re doing to thieves and baiting them worse than what I’ve seen cops do with bait cars and prostitutes?

  16. See how the fake news works? It’s in the use of words. Phrases like “take the bait” and “lure”. It’s also in who and what they focus on, the angry neighbor and the fool of a police Sargent instead of victims of thievery. It’s very subtle but effective to the unaware.

  17. Folks just put doing gods work!

    I don’t care how many bikes you try and bait me with, I’m not going to just take shit off of people property.

  18. The world is becoming stupid. You protect criminals instead of punish them? Criminals shouldn't be stealing or doing bad things in the first place. If the owners and innocent people react by hurting them, then it's the criminals' fault. Crime rate will only go up the more the law tries to protect proven criminals.

  19. So you want to punish people who were doing the job the cops wouldn't do? These vermin were thieves and getting a beating is the minimal they should get. *sigh*… Too many democrat pussies in America…

  20. No one else is infuriated by this? By my house someone left a nice bike by the garbage hoping someone would take it. They had to come back and wrote a sign on it saying their son outgrew it and they were free to have it. That's how it should be. You shouldn't have to hide your things. If they didn't steal they wouldn't have gotten their ass beat fuck em.

  21. Oh I know they should have hidden their bike on their property in a bush so someone isn't tempted to trespass and steal property that they know isn't theirs. To then report it to police who will show up 5 hours late even though you just seen them hiding behind the dumpster trying to catch speeders. They will show up take a description then give you some half hearted well this sucks but we have more important crimes to worry about but we will keep an eye out…. I bet the thieves weren't even charged.

  22. Of course the news channel makes it sound like the thieves are the victims. What a joke. Couple should should get an award from the city.

  23. The cop just called the thieves victims, victims really how about charging them for stealing the bikes, the legal system in out country has became a freaking joke. This is why I retired because I would see stuff like all the time after 23yrs full time as a LEO I'm so happy to be retirec

  24. Im sorry but these dudes were stealing and they didn't shoot'em like I would have……..Now if they put a sign up saying "Steal this bike", "Free bike" etc. then they would have been wrong.
    Looking at it from another angle, dude is an idiot for endangering himself and his wife like that. They're expecting criminals to respond, what makes them think that one if these guys wont pull a gun on them one day?

  25. Awesome …… should beat more azz ….. free those heroes ……. those thieves should of never entered their property 😎

  26. This military family had their car broken into and money stolen. Then had their son's bike and their expensive power tools stolen. The police were contacted and reports were filed. They have videos of being told there was nothing the police could do to help them. So they decided to scare off some thieves and a bitter neighbor reported them. They made a mistake posting the video on social media. No one was brutally beaten like the news headlines are claiming.

    Kerris LeBeau and her husband were also chasing thieves with bats. But she's mad and reporting Savannah and Corey because she was sending naked pictures to Corey and was confronted by Savannah about it. 😡

    Please take the time to read the story on this GoFundMe page and donate and share if you can! This GoFundMe is to help this couple with financial fees, they each had a 50k bond and need to hire the best lawyer ASAP! Anything and everything is appreciated!

  27. There are not "victimes" they are thiefs, criminals, and garbage. That's what they deserve if reality comes swinging at them. Don't steal the property of some one else.

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