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WeeRide Kangaroo Child bike seat setup

We got this bike seat for a baby. Baby seat WeeRide wow (russian) вон смотри, вон This is actually looking very nice. And now we’re gonna… my husband is actually gonna put it all together I am very excited. It’s gonna be awesome seams like it’s not gonna be a big problem
to put it on the bike so…we’ll see Get some instruction So it goes on the bar, right?
To the bar of a bike Luka put some gas in the bike We actually were choosing this thing for
very very long time because there is some problem was Ryan’s bike and we want
Ryan: Not a problem, just need to get setup for a right bike we couldn’t put bracket and like the
other stuff on this bar because this triangle thing so that’s why we got
another one and we try to try to figure out to put it on this bike hopefully
work just loosening these things like really good quality the bar and the seat too. For the money guys it was $68 on Amazon So we thought… Ryan felt like it was some
problem just wasn’t sitting flush and what it was this clip has to
just be flat yes good in there we’ll try that’s gonna be tucked in there, we try that. as far back as possible okay

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