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What Do You Think About During A Time Trial? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

What Do You Think About During A Time Trial? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

(upbeat rock music) – People always used to ask me, “What do you think about
during a time trial?” And I honestly didn’t
really know what to say. So we thought we’d ask the
pros at the 2018 Giro d’Italia. Chad, what you do think about
when you’re time trialing? – When I’m time trialing,
What do I think about? Well, I’m time trialing, it’s a bike race. That’s what I’m thinking about, right? – Wha… That’s a tricky one, ’cause the best ones, I
don’t think about much. – [Emma] I agree, yeah. – Yeah, I think like the ones
where you’re thinking too much are the worst ones for myself. You’re just analysing and, and, yeah, I think you put yourself
in more trouble then. But the best ones, you’re
just in a zone where. Yeah, I think the only thing
you’re focused on is pushing. And that’s, that’s it. – Whoo. Well, if you’re… if it goes good, then
you don’t think anything. You, just think about the
next corner, or the next. If you start thinking about things, well, that’s, that’s my feeling
then you’re not doing so good. – Looking at the power number, but then, comparing that to the speed, ’cause ultimately, people get
too engrossed in the power. It’s kinda, everyone’s sort
of time trials becoming a thing where, when you get
back to the village hall, or back to the bus, it’s like, how much power did you average – It doesn’t matter
– No, no, no When I was movie star it was brilliant, ’cause I’d always come
back having real low power, but, low power, high weight, but I would’ve gone quite fast. I actually have a lot of
banter with Ryan Mullen ’cause, I think at the
moment, I’ve beaten him more than he’s beaten
me, but every single time he’s about 30 or 40 watts higher
than I am and it bugs him. – Not a whole lot of much, (laughs) Not a whole lot
much. Not much. Clearly. Not how to construct sentences, it’s just about getting
to the finish line, always looking at the mileage
and just counting them down and, yeah, just trying
to think about how good, it’s going to feel when this is over. – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – It’s pain, it’s about giving everything, it’s about going to the limit, but not too far, not too early. So, it’s also about
finding the good rhythm and just stay focused for the
best power output as possible. – Am I going fast enough,
too fast, too slow? am I hurting the appropriate amount for how far into the race I am? ‘Cause that’s, that’s how I go, like okay, the first five minutes, it shouldn’t hurt too
much, if it’s a flat start. – Mostly just about pain and trying to get it over
with as soon as possible. But, nope, but it’s also different because if you feel like (bleep) it’s, it feel worse and if you feel good, it’s, almost enjoyable. – That’s a good question actually. Every now and then, when you think a lot that’s. usually not the best time value. So if you, for example start counting down the kilometers and stuff like that, then for me personally
that’s always a bad sign. So you try to think as
less as possible, I think. Imagine a chain between you and the motorbike in front of you. – That’s a really cool answer,
never heard that before. – Shouldn’t have given that away then. (laughs) (speaks foreign language) (laughs) – (speaks foreign language) – I know of course, you
look, I like more to look the speed.
– Yeah. – I mean. the power is important, but always try to, have
the referential for speed and then try to be, to steal that, to take the highest speed as possible no? – And the TT was, – Let’s say, that once
you came out from Trento was really, was really fast – I could see that I was most
of the time 56, 57 per hour. – Well, there you go. There’s clearly no single
correct answer about what you should be thinking
of during a time trial, but I do hope this video helps you, if you’re into time trialing. You might also like to check
out some of our Giro content. Just click down here
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82 thoughts on “What Do You Think About During A Time Trial? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

  1. It would've been great if someone said: left/right/left/right/left/right/left/right/left/right/left/right…..

  2. Down in the trenches, it's more like…"Oh god, make it stop hurting so much". When you see that you are slowly gaining on your minute man, it hurts less. When you are passed, it hurts a lot more.

  3. If I were in a time trial, I would be thinking about how fast I'm going and the other's times.

  4. I don't have tt bike nor do time trials but whenever I'm riding in front of my friends, I tend to focus more on the road looking ahead and occasionally monitoring my speed (especially when I feel headwind and have to use more power) so that it's consistent to keep the group together.

  5. yeah, guys know what they are talking about. If you think about everything a whole lot you'll find yourself in front of a "mental wall" rather quickly. Mind is everything. It can work for or against you. If you turn it off for the moment you need silence and focus on the road, your body will do it's thing and cross that finish line. Put the unnecessary thoughts aside and all will be well. Sport is mental as much as physical, I'd dare to say more mental even. Also, these vids from the giro are really cool! They give an insight into the whole scenario from a different point of view because you don't get to see interviews like these on TV. Thanks GCN, best cycling platform in my opinion 😄👌 cheers!

  6. Too bad you couldn't ask Taylor Phinney. I remember his interview with Si a few years ago. So zen!

  7. Hi guys, just some advert to do. Phil Gaimon would love to have Emma Pooley on his podcast. Just letting you all know as he wanted us to plug it for him

  8. Be 200 yards ahead of yourself. Think about how you will take the next corner. How are you going to brake? How will you accelerate? Is your gearing right?

  9. Hey GCN could you a video about normal road handlebars vs tt bars vs roadbars with tt grips added ?
    I think that tt bars look rad as hell but don't know if they are worth the purchase and since you've been doing all these tt videos lately it would fit nicely

  10. Would you guys mind to do an explanation video on racing? I'm new to this and I've been watching the Giro d'Italia lately, but I don't get all the different ride strategies: why do some race to the front, just to let themselves get dropped down again to the back; what are those short little sprints good for, when they are at one of those "gates".
    It would be great if you could explain every bit of racing in one or more videos. I would really appreciate it!!!

  11. Another good video from Emma, love that she is asking the Pro's to answer a questions which she could never really answer herself! Love that most of them say not to really think about anything much and just think about the suffering… Sounds like just a normal day on the bike for me then! he he😂

  12. Thank you for including some non-english speakers in the video, the more riders we hear from the better

  13. I have never done a time trial, most of my riding is on open roads, so all my concentration goes on staying safe, watching the traffic.

  14. Wow Emma! You spoke Spanish in another interview and on this you also speaking in Italian, you are a multitalented woman!

  15. They're pros and they ride on closed roads. They don't have to deal with what amateurs have to put up with. There's no "I've got to watch that that AA van doesn't overtake me and pin me against the curb going into the next roundabout," or "I have to get a PB or the cat will have clawed the furniture by the time I get back."

  16. "You're not a cyclist if you can't ride a 40 km TT in under and hour"—Davis Phinney. Those words were running through my head back in the early 90's when I clocked in at 59:56.

  17. WhY THE 2 PAIRS OF GLASSES???? PLEASE give your sunglasses to the cameraman while you are recording, or put them on the backpack. Please!!!!!

  18. David De La Cruz sounds and looks like a fly-by-night merchant ! lolz….the latin accent adds: #iWeelCootUehSmartaDeelar ! lol

  19. Good to hear the answers and none of the boys were thinking, "do I look fat in my skin suit today?" or "man I can't wait for that massage or pastry" . . . lol

  20. So Emma, what do GCN presenters think about when they time trial? Does Dan think about all the stanzas to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?

  21. Every time I scroll past the thumbnail for this video I think it says "tits"; that's probably indicative of the answer.

  22. Please could you put a black banner behind the translation subtitles. The white text can get washed out sometimes. Great video though

  23. Not a racer these days, so no official time trials, but when I'm twisting the throttle, I constantly toss out mental markers about ten-yards away, particularly on climbs. And markers can be anything, a crack in the surface or a shadow or a piece of trash or a mailbox or anything which is about ten-yards away. I can't do the next hundred yards fast, but I can do the next ten and the next ten and the next ten after that. And then I reach the summit and realize, yeah, that wasn't so bad.

  24. So many thoughts… I wonder how many pros knew who was asking the questions…. 😛 She's also now the best interviewer on the team (missing Matt) hehe. Emma what do you think about when your time trialling?

  25. Reading the course, geography, buildings, wind, figuring out areas to push and recover. Rarely looking at power after the first 5-10mins, just speed.

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