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Why buying a motorcycle won’t make you happy

(soft music) (chirping) (rustling) – So it is 36 degrees outside. I was going to take my bike
in for its 6,000 mile service. I’m well overdue, it’s
actually about 8,000 miles, but then it snowed this morning. So I’m gonna do that instead next weekend. I’m about at 800 miles with my chain since I last cleaned it. Going to do that today. And then make sure the
oil levels are good. Coolant levels I know are low. But my last ride, my oil
levels were really low, and so I topped it up last minute, like on my way up to the mountains. So hopefully it’s okay, but I don’t wanna do
a lot of riding on it, until I can get it into service, make sure nothing’s wrong, or that I didn’t mess anything up. And I wanted to talk to you guys, too, about motorcycles bringing happiness. Which seems to be a common theme. People talk about how riding has saved their
life, it’s made them happy. Or it’s changed their life or just made them a better person. I definitely felt that way for sure when I first started riding. I’ve been riding about four years now? Four or five years? Wait, hold on, let me get started. Most of the snow has melted by now, but the ground is still wet. So I’m sitting on a plastic bag right now. (spraying) I learned something recently
that kind of explains. (rattling) I learned something recently
that kind of explains a lot, as far as coming to why we ride, why some relationships
burn out after two years. Why people quit jobs after two years, that I thought was a really telling thing. (grinding) So it’s called the Hedonistic Principle. So this was a principle that came out about after a test done in the ’70s. They looked at people who had won the lottery and interviewed them. And then also, and kind
of just got an overall, just kind of collected data on their overall life satisfaction and happiness and everything. The main thing is what
they found after 18 months. And then they did this
kind of same data research with people who had
been in a major accident and become disabled, and I think they went
specifically for amputees, people who had lost a limb. And then what they did was with both groups, 18 months later, they looked for the same data to try to find out their overall level of satisfaction and happiness in life, and found that in 18 months, people who won the lottery were no longer as happy and satisfied as they were when they
first won the lottery. Now the crazy thing is, people who had lost a limb, lost a leg, lost an arm, or become
disabled in an accident, who were very depressed when
it first happened and angry, in 18 months, on average they were
most… more often than not, they were no longer depressed and angry. What they found was, that whether you won the lottery or whether you lost your leg, in 18 months people went back
to their same normal baseline of however they felt and
viewed the world before. (grinding) Which means that if you’re
getting a motorcycle to be happy, if you haven’t done
anything else for your life to change it, to make it better, and your mental health, to change the way you
think and view things and deal with problems. You’re gonna go to the
same place you were before. I started riding and I was
overcoming so many hurdles. I was so proud of myself doing things I never thought I would be doing, and two years ago I got what
I thought was my dream job, and now (sighs). Now I don’t really appreciate
that job right now. I’m lucky for the work I do, I get to do something creative. It takes up so much time, and if I can get a ride in once a month, like a big mountain ride once a month, that is a huge deal. Like I can barely manage that these days. I’m already looking for changes. Reading about investing
in real estate investing, and learning about people
becoming financially independent, so that they don’t have
to do this strict schedule with very specific hours and it’s always the same thing, and you have to answer to someone else, and your money is capped. I don’t want that. But then it also makes
me think about my bike. How I’ve said that a Triumph
Street Cup is my dream bike, ’cause it’s so beautiful. And I ended up getting this bike, because this bike rides so nicely. And I wanted to get something used, and cheaper than at the time, I could find Triumph Street Cups which were all brand
new when I was looking. Just ’cause I wanted to
ride it as hard as possible and not feel bad if I
beat it up, which I have. I don’t know if you can see in the video, but it just goes to show, if you’re buying a motorcycle to be happy, within 18 months you’re gonna
need a different motorcycle. It’s not enough. You gotta make other changes to your life, your everyday life, and your mental space. This is not as dirty as
I thought it would be. My fingers are cold. Now I need to wait 20
minutes for this to dry before I can lube it up. If you want to see how I
clean and lube my chain or other videos about this kind of stuff, you can click on this playlist right here. And if you wanna see more videos about this riding journey from day one to now, you can click this
playlist right over here. I will see you in the next one. (soft music)

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