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Will Carbon Bikes Become Cheaper Than Aluminium? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 108

Will Carbon Bikes Become Cheaper Than Aluminium? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 108

(energetic music) – Welcome to the 108th “GCN Tech Show.” – This week, we’ve got
new lightweight clothing, new tubeless tires, the
bike vault, your upgrades, and potentially carbon-fiber bikes that are going to be
cheaper than aluminum. – Oh, it’s going to be a good one! – It is, let’s do it. – This week’s main talking
point is our carbon-fiber bikes about to become cheaper
than aluminium bikes? – Yes, this was brought to
our attention by an article on Greg LeMond has a company,
rather imaginatively named, called LeMond Carbon, and
they’ve apparently developed a technique for manufacturing carbon fiber that increases output at a lower cost than traditional carbon fiber
manufacturing techniques. – And the result is of
course being able to offer a carbon fiber frame at a
significantly lower cost than an aluminum one. We’ve got the laptop in
because they have a quote, and according to Composites Today: LeMond and Deakin University
are teamed to commercialize this innovative technology
which enables reductions of 75 and 70% in capex
and energy consumption per kilo of output respectively. – Hmm.
– Makes sense, doesn’t it? – Yeah. This doesn’t appear to be
just marketing hype either. The manufacturing process has
been independently verified by an audit carried out by Bureau Veritas. – Yeah, Composites Today again report: The Bureau Veritas have
measured total oxidation times of sub 15 and sub 20 minutes. I’m reading this off the paper because it’s quite complicated. Over two separate production campaigns of 24k standard modulus carbon fiber achieving fiber tow properties in excess of 270 gigapascal tensile modulus and 3,500 mini pascal tensile strength. Does that make any sense to you? – Yeah, obviously, yeah. – All right, okay. That’s all right, you’re a doctor. – Yeah. – A look on the LeMond bike
site says that the company is looking to make carbon
bikes more affordable than ever, this after
LeMond was the first winner of the Tour de France
aboard a carbon fiber bike. The site also suggests
that a few of these bikes could possibly be released
later in the year. So stay tuned for some of those. Yeah, it’s exciting, but it’s not the only way in which carbon could
become more affordable. So keen-eyed viewers of the
“GCN Tech Show” may remember the Taipei bike show
last year, I came across this new form of carbon fiber,
a new injection-molded form. So the idea is that you can
injection-mold carbon bikes using these carbon pellets. It’s also recyclable which is nice, but injection molding
has the potential to be much more cost effective and much cheaper than traditional carbon layup techniques. – [Chris] That’s all well and good, Ollie, but what on earth is that in your hand? – [Ollie] That’s the container
that holds the pellets, the carbon pellets. – [Chris] You sure about that ’cause it kind of looks
a little bit like– – Don’t worry about that. Anyway, let us know in the
comments section down below what you think about more
affordable carbon fiber bikes. – Time for hot tech right now, and Mitchell in have expanded
their road tire range with a tubeless-ready and
a time-trial-specific tire. The new tubeless-ready tire, the power road tire is said
to include tubeless tech which will seal the
carcass from bead to bead which we’d hope it might
for a tubeless tire. – [Ollie] You would, yeah. – [Chris] Also, it comes in
sizes up to 28 millimeters. – [Ollie] Yeah, the TT one is the one I’m most excited about.
– You look excited. – The Michelin power time trial, right, is said to be the lowest
rolling resistance and lightest tire that
Michelin has ever made, and is available in 23 and 25 millimeters. – Sounds good to me, Ollie. Time for some clothing tech now, and Castelli have launched a new lightweight jersey and short. – Yeah, the bib shorts are
called the Superleggeras, and they’re said to weigh, right, just a 141 grams in a size large. That’s very light, but
to put it in perspective, that’s even less than the average banana and even less than Castelli range-topping free aero race for bib Shores as their claim to a 172 grams in a large well – And the climb of 3.0 Jersey is 116 grams although weirdly that is actually 30 grams heavier than its previous incarnation that’s because they have now got reinforced pockets slightly different sleeves and a longer tail so complete rethink about Jersey yeah I mean these Jersey and shorts are designed to be worn in extremely hot environments and that’s why lightweight pretty cool it’s just days away until the start of the Santos Tour Down Under and I’ve got to say I’m not missing being at home one bit because check out this weather it’s absolutely lovely about 28 degrees right now right just to the side of me I’ve got the teams and where will the mechanics hang out and the riders and all of their bikes and kit so it’s time to get the detectives hat on and have a look around for some new tech see you next week thanks John more hot tech next week now last week we asked you to vote which olympic track bike for the Tokyo games is the best – Which one would you have chosen? – Well it doesn’t matter because we asked the viewers the choice between the Hope Lotus the GB by the French Federation’s look the new look track bike yeah the WRX super-mega 60,000 pound by to town the Pinarello mass Oh which one will you go for – Pinarello looks amazing – Well you’re not alone
the Pinarello won the vote with 37% in the app so – what do they win? – well it’s just official that’s the best one that’s Italy that’s the best the best olympic track bike – we’ll find out in the
summer wont we actually it – doesn’t matter it is time for scream riding upgrades buy upgrades where you submit evidence of the upgrades that you’ve made to your bikes or equipment in order to win the ultimate prize the GCM cap it can be anything it can be animations like 3d renderings cave paintings we haven’t had a cave painting yet but there’s still time – please don’t submit us cave paintings – first off though we have to announce last week’s winner it was come on are you bringing results in so last week we had – we had Paul’s renovated commuter and he was up against mr. seven four six nine seven seven mystery bridge stone – yes and with a whopping 74% Paul’s renovated commuter has won meaning that mr. seven four six 977 remains anonymous despite our best efforts to – love his name who that was yeah Oh this week’s entrance come from AJ Wallace AJ Wallace bought a cheap bike from ebay to use as a winter bike over Christmas he decided or they decided it’d be good idea to remove the paint from the frame give it a broth finish a trines a paint stripper which sounds like a lot and 12 to 15 hours of sanding later and the frame was ready to be clear lacquered – that’s a lot of elbow grease Aw no paint strip only actually says and there although greases will set a new CONUS decals off ebay 1:05 flight day on the Wi-Fi 5 700 series 53:38 at the front or 38 nice lies ring 32:11 at the rear get all those it comes back in here probe Pete LT Batson stem EC 90 carbon stem from Easton oh sorry calm subtle look at this that’s what it was blue yeah nice shape like cool Kona yeah – those wheels are quite nice But I think this is one
of my favorite one so far more time look at that how cool is – that eyes black I made it all by modern modern Kona logo isn’t it over the old one electrical yeah it’s cool is nice back to pedals on there as well for power meter – those served raw eights rims they are Sayle 20 2004 or something like that similar areas to the reflector pros that used to have a similar spoke pattern – I like that a like that a lot – I like the fact that it’s also not cost him an absolute fortune because it’s just a reasonably priced group set I’m all done with an original frame – uh it’s not going to be easy for AJ that’s not a music you know why because he’s up against Alex tibay 2005 the 2005 Alex Teddy hi my name’s Alex and he says he lives in Tipton in the US – you also said he’s 14 and perhaps that 2005 is Berthier – it could be or there’s 2005 Alex debate I would give it up yeah – anyway he lives in Tipton in the US of A and he’s built this cross bike out of a hybrid pipe that his grandpa had with parts he got and just from bits he had laying around he’s got some new Shimano surahs shifters good choice new vitória 33-millimeter tires new Tetro brakes new bar tape check it out you also have a new put a different saddle on it in a seat post and just great when you’ve got bits lying around you need up cycles – a metal cage I wonder if you watch my video about thing cages – he must have done my stuff mother – in the house today otherwise yeah neither would I just
could job he did that yes there is the original hybrid bike that’s and look at that that’s transferred in or transformed into a cross machine – with an era C post yeah that’s cool isn’t it – that’s really cool it looks like a big bike see you must be a tool boy – yeah like he’s chain ring these got on there as well – I think that’s make a job – price but it’s wicked isn’t it – no it’s worse to me Rosa
no but for a 14-4 like – for 14 years old weld I
couldnt of sone that when I was 14 – completely repurposed the bike yeah right come on we want to know what are your choices vote in the top right hand corner your screen right now it’s now time for the bike vault where you submit pictures of your bikes and we judge them to be either nice or super nice and if they’re super nice we ring the bell they may go in the vault – have you got the Bell
she’s just over there I mean normally I ring the bell but Johnson so happy – I’ll ring the bell So happy – so first up this week trying to get into the vault uploaded from the gcn app is this from cycling scenes don’t think that’s his real name but he’s in Scotland I cook apparently he or she we don’t know so it could be his real name is that what you’re saying no actually it’s nice like if I’ve got it on his top tube let’s zoom in how do you see a minute how do you see just like a pinch and zoom surely do that pinch and zoom just just look you do it here they go – he’s only a few years older but technology clearly – what’s that say – too many pixels or not enough mix of Masterman his name is madwoman Aaron summoner Owen Owen do you know his – name’s Masterman cut – no we leave an item is brilliant – that’s good detective work isn’t it well – darling may be your pastime as a doctor has been wasted after all – anyway what are you thinking about that Chris – I like it how about the way the wheels are the colours geared a nice position on the bike – make gold chain – gold chain is yeah – he’s lined everything up correctly got biggie smalls going on there – how do you know what music is Linden – that’s the chain ring combo biggie smalls – right that makes more sense because I never really understood what that was all about – yeah I think that’s it I think it’s really nice I almost a super nice (bell ringing) – Do you think that’s enough? – Yeah lucky that made it into the vault with that definitely next up we – have user Collier seven four seven four which I don’t think is your real name either uk-based cyclist with his ribble endurance SLR no elaborate pitches and beauitful places just a picture up against a fence but it’s pretty cool – you can clearly see
all the details you can – and black-on-black actually works on this one – that’s a nice-looking bike but and he’s he’s been watching the video of how to get in the bike vault we’ve got biggie smalls he’s removed accessories and appendages we’ve got no air hang on – hang on – that saddle looks like an appendage on its own look at it we have the funny shape Southwell saddle is it does this in the description I’m not sure but but he’s lined up his wheels he’s very clean there’s a nice one – super nice okay yeah go on feel generous (bell ringing) Sally Italia saddle by the way – yes – oh this one I like look at that – Yes Niklas grow one the first
Nkilas grow on the app he has uploaded his
Bianchi look at that this is a little Monroy cut the color-coding yeah uses it in the Tuscan hills to ride you know the Strada Bianchi road engine – our qualities – yes or 209 that’s what do you what do you think of that I think – I think its stunning it looks lovely is tasteful nice shape it’s quite a big bike – I’m a big fan of the
red saddle and Volta – yes – stickers – Yes – it’s white and red is it’s nice isn’t – its very classy yeah and those straps yeah I really like that – and how neat is that little frame bagged another bar bracket there – yeah – well that’s easily first on their – sandwiches definitely marmalade sandwiches – yeah like the challenge tires as well and and Biggie Smalls just about – come on come on go on there three in a (bell ringing) three in a row – bloody hell anyway right next up we’ve got Ivan Farnsworth – John is going to be gutted that he’s not here because he loves a derosa – he does Ivan Farnsworth
well done cement it through the gcn app bonus points for that he’s just purchased the this SK vision met Ron handlebar like you’ve got that on your or bear same but – I do have exactly that buy it so it’s a good I’ll take a group set and hunt wheels they look like Victoria’s hires why I’m actually good don’t yeah they are fitori cross ties and then the second guess yourself yeah that looks stunning – it’s very up gold chain yes I’m not sure – I’m not sure about the
exhaling but that’s really nice tell you what though so it’s annoying me those bottle cages different colour yeah but look that matches the red in the DeRosa logo and on the Danube and so maybe it’s put more
thought into it than you think yeah maybe yeah a lot of fun it’s got
disks as well feel like that’s really cool biggie smalls as well yeah, no access – come on let me ring the bell Olli – go on then (bell ringing) I’m so happy right now – right – oh just gets better and better this week – oh look at that look – I’m not sure which bikes been submitted here but I’m guessing it’s not the triumph in the background which is actually a modern take on a retro classic as far as I can tell – is that a Bonneville in the background – cool though the fact they’re both British racing green effectively as close too – that’s pretty cool isn’t it do you reckon you could escape escape – jump over a fence – propagate the Nazis into Switzerland on that barn – no not me – I don’t think – I might be I have to either – You know the only issue I’ve got here problem if we don’t know which part we’re looking at – I think show on E but it’s hardly guess that it is the wrap – but its hard to see the rally because it’s the background so putted and one of the things we say nice clean background essential – okay well I happen to know happen to know there’s more than one of these pictures and one of them was with that across the background but I kind of liked this one and since I chose this at one this week hence all the supervisors um you know what I really like about this bike Holly a lot of the putti is the fact that it’s 50 or so at the rack on it – yeah its got the rack on it – Yeah its quite a good rack the fact that its 50 years old ad still functioning – Yeah. – oh you know what you’ve just picked really nice ones this week – I just found a generous loving giving mood come on come on go on there that’s it I’m – Yay! (bell ringing) thats it im going to put the bell away – Okay unfortunately that’s it for this week’s show I hope you’ve enjoyed it if you have them please give it a thumbs up and if you’d like to support the channel well that’s easy all you need to do is subscribe if you haven’t already and click the bell icon – you could also head over to the shop and check out some of our GCN clothing as I can you – Oh yeah you could and if you’d like to watch another video or fitting bottle cages and click on Chris – Its worth worth and hes worth the watch – And his majestic beard

100 thoughts on “Will Carbon Bikes Become Cheaper Than Aluminium? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 108

  1. for the record.. you can already get a Chinese carbon frame cheaper than most name brand aluminum frames.., but you know.. trusting them and all ..

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  5. When over sized aluminum frames first came to market, it cost more than steel. Now aluminum is everywhere and current steel frames cost more than aluminum. Complete carbon fiber bikes are far lower in price than the starting prices of bare carbon frames. Trickle down effect keeps going. Carbon fiber frames will take another step in the sub-structure composites to make them even better.

  6. #AskGCNTech Hi John, how come we don't see new aero carbon wheels with aluminium braking track these days. Also what are your recommendations, pros and cons about these wheels. Love to see a few reviews on these type of wheels especially the campagnolo bullets and the duraace c60 wheels. I see a that 95% reviews by people, on shopping sites, who have bought and used them to be very positive but cannot seem to find any reviews by experienced reviewers like yourself. Love the show and thank you.

  7. Carbon bikes have been too expensive for too long….cheaper carbon bikes usually equals cheaper, low-grade, low quality bikes, is it worth it?

  8. There are affordable carbon frames, its called aliexpress. The only thing expensive now is the brand that comes on commercially assembled bikes. You can make a decent carbon bike for under 1000 quid with current techniques. It's not the current manufacturing techniques keeping prices up. Its the middle men.

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  30. The technological breakthrough described is a cheaper and more cost effective way of making the individual fibres, this is definitely a good thing, but unfortunately the cost of the fibre material itself forms only a fraction of the cost of the finished bike. Building carbon fibre products is very slow and labour intensive, especially for things with complex geometries like bike frames, and this has always been the biggest obstacle to its use.

    The injection moulded carbon fibre bike is in my opinion a gimmick. This material uses short chopped-up strands of fibre to make a super-strong plastic, but the strength and stiffness are nowhere near the same as a traditional carbon-fibre layup. This injection moulded carbon fibre is a brilliant material and we'll see it used much more in future for certain components, but for frames it's just not a practical or useful alternative.

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